Cabin Knapphullet Eco Cottage Fits Right Into the Landscape

This modern cottage tucked into a rocky Norwegian coastline is an architectural inspiration. The architects who designed the small house design have the tiny house fit in perfectly between the boulders and the wind-blown trees, tucking the tiny house up against a rock bluff where the tiny house is half hidden by some vegetation. This is a unique design approach to the tiny house, as the architects could have chosen to get rid of the vegetation and clear the site but they worked with the natural elements of the property to design a tiny house that fits in perfectly to its landscape.

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Cabin Knapphullet, which means buttonhole is constructed somewhat similar to a bridge, with one end of the reinforced concrete roof resting on the bluff while the other end is angled down to meet the ground. As the walls of the small house design don�t need to hold up the roof, they could be fully glazed. The approach path to the small house design squeezes through a narrow gap between the rock face and a glass wall. The small designer homes have approximately 323 square feet of inside floor space with a combination living and dining room, a bathroom, and an oak sleeping loft suspended from the ceiling by steel rods. This cabin building is beautifully designed to fit into its natural landscape, the lines and natural building materials compliment its surroundings to feel like the two are the same.

Inside is one of the best small home plans regarding simplicity as the small house design was designed to be used as additional accommodation, with no kitchen just open space. This small house design was designed as a vacation cottage shared by an extended family. There is, however, a wheeled cart stowed under the loft of the small house design that looks like it is used for preparing light meals and snacks. There is also a partial basement in the small house design which is most likely used for utilities and storage, as the site was previously occupied by two small storage sheds. When designing a small house like this, the sloped portion of the roof forms a wide ramp up to the roof deck, which serves as a viewing platform.

The view from inside the small house design is framed by vegetation and boulders, and the rooftop with panoramic views of the fjord. When its too windy outside to enjoy the view from the tiny house design, a patio with the fireplace behind the tiny cabin provides an alternative outdoor space enclosed by the surrounding rock and the cabin itself. The view and the landscape of this unique small house design are a huge part of the appeal of this unique small house plans design. The small house design and the landscape combined with the use of concrete, wood and glass in the stunning and beautiful small house design. This small house design is a great example of how you can use the landscape to your advantage when designing a small house.

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