House Of Rock in Portugal

When your house is literally made out of one giant stone, it's safe to say you have a unique small house plans. This stone small house design fits in perfectly with its landscape and looks like something that has been there since the stone ages, but it's actually much newer than that. On the outside of the home, you'd hardly even know it was there if it weren't for the door and window. The roof is also covered in shingles which makes it a bit more noticeable too. But other than that amongst the rolling hillside it looks pretty incognito.

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Inside this small house are lots of rustic charm and very interesting details. This small house design looks like something right out of the animated series the Flintstones which is said to be what the home's design was based on. Located in Portugal, the rock home called Casa do Penedo or House of the Rock is a monument located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe. It was built starting in 1972 until 1974 from four large boulders that create the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house. It was originally used by the owners as a holiday home but now it's a museum of the history of the home. There is no electricity in the home itself because of the unique design and location. So they use candlelight and fire to light and heat the house as well as to cook. It features three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and the kitchen.

The small home is of the top 50 World's Strangest Buildings and has gained a lot of interest from tourists. People are able to visit the house now, but sadly the home has also been targeted by vandals. Windows were broken and replaced over 20 times so they replaced them with bulletproof windows and metal bars to protect them. They also added a steel door that's also bulletproof to keep these vandals out. It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to wreck such a unique piece of the landscape and history though. So it's good that they've taken necessary measures to protect this cute home.

The inside of this home features rustic furniture that is made from all natural materials and wood finishes. There is also plenty of stone within the home as well which carries on the theme of the stone house. There are even regular beds and mattresses in the bedrooms which would have made for a comfortable stay when the home was still a vacation home. Even though the home itself doesn't get any power, there is a wind power farm right next door to the home which is very interesting to look out of the windows and see. Many homes throughout history have been made of stone and still continue to be, but nothing quite like this unique eco home. This home is probably one of a kind, but it does give those seeking eco-friendly housing options some good ideas and inspiration for their own eco-friendly home ideas.

More about this story can be found at: Youtuber: Heric Carvalho

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