Cozy All Seasons Tree House Retreat in Washington, United States

You'll fall in love with this cozy all season treehouse cabin building. The cozy cabin retreat can accommodate up to 4 guests with one bedroom, two beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The two-story treehouse is set in a wooded setting providing a unique tiny house experience. The treehouse is a great getaway that is close to Portland, Oregon. The treehouse is ideally located near numerous parks with scenic rivers and waterfalls. The cabin building is close to sightseeing destinations that are accessible at any time of the year.

The cozy treehouse retreat is located across the backyard, about 150 feet from the main house. You can see the main house from the treehouse cabin building. The cabin building retreat has household power and lighting. The wooded area surrounding the cabin building is dark at night so you'll want to bring a flashlight. There is a space has a heater for the cooler months of the year. The cozy cabin retreat has a queen-sized memory foam 12-inch mattress with comfortable bedding in the upstairs loft and a futon that folds out into a full-sized bed on the main floor. The cabin building has a coffee maker and a small refrigerator. The treehouse does not have a microwave. There are a picnic table and fire pit with free firewood to burn. There is also a barbecue grill with propane that is available for use. The restroom facilities consist of a bathhouse with toilet, vanity, and hot shower located close to the treehouse.

The cabin building retreat has bath towels, hands towels, toilet paper, and paper towels that are provided in the restroom. Smoking is allowed on the vacation property, but not in the treehouse or on deck. The cabin retreat has wifi access. The treehouse is located in the country, so sometimes the wifi signal is weak or no existent. The treehouse has a small selection of family-friendly movies, or you can bring along your favorite DVD to watch or log on to your Netflix, or Amazon account. The treehouse is in the country so you will occasionally hear dogs, coyotes, chickens, horses, and more. As you can see from the photos, there is a steep ships ladder to access the treehouse cabin building and interior ships ladder up to the bedroom. There is only full-size futon downstairs. which may not be comfortable for 2 adults and is better for kids.

The treehouse is located approximately 150 feet from the back of the main house. This is an active household so you may see the owners tending to the property or using the deck on the back of the main house for dining/relaxation. Most guests are content with the privacy of the treehouse vacation retreat. Also, you'll want to note that the treehouse is in the country, so there are windy roads to get to the vacation property and your navigation system may not lead you directly to the cabin building. Before your arrival, you will be given specific instructions on location and how to recognize the treehouse driveway.

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