Captain's Cabin Is A Unique Bed And Breakfast In A Historic 1800's Log Cabin

The Captain's Cabin is one of the unique Bed, and Breakfast stays you will find. The cabin building is located in Louisville, Kentucky and it's a historical 1800’s log house with all the modern conveniences of home. The cabin building is available to rent for a vacation, retreat, or business meeting. You might just choose to stay inside this beautifully finished cabin building or take a walk through the woods, go canoeing on the lake, wade in the creek, or spend an evening by the fireplace. There is also a park with an 18 hole golf course, championship disc golf course and hiking trails too.

This cabin building started as a remodel to get it into the shape that it is today. The 442 square foot cabin building sits on 8 acres of property that also includes the main house along with a separate two-car garage. The log house's previous owner had purchased the cabin building in Indiana and then relocated the cabin to the property in the mid-1970s. Restoring the cabin building took about three months and was a labor of love for the owners. The log house got a new shake roof, an HVAC system, heat pump, and a new water line. They also cleaned the floors and ceiling (both made of poplar) and tore down the old wallpaper. Some paint was added to some walls to help lighten up any dark spaces.

The Captain's Cabin has square hewn logs that make up both the exterior of the interior walls of the log cabin. Wide bands of chinking help to seal the gaps between the logs and to give the cabin building an authentic rustic look. For the front porch, a new standing-seam metal roof was installed, and the pitch of the roof was lowered to where it would have been originally. The posts were then replaced with ones made from cedar trees on the building site. Cedar from the site was also used to create a rail fence. The owners live in the main house on the property but like to spend as much time as possible at the cabin when they are not renting it out. The log cabin’s traditional log house construction has helped it to stand the test of time. The cabin building is made of square hewn logs from old growth log trees, and the stone foundation keeps any water away from the wood. The logs in the cabin building are set in a half dovetail on the corners, so there is no level spot for any water to rest. This helps the logs to dry quickly and hold up over time. The cabin also has thick, wooden doors that all have old iron hardware with locks and keys.

The Captain's Log Cabin might give you some ideas for a vacation cabin building of your own. Inside the two storey cabin building, you will find beautiful antiques and reproductions. Enjoy some time on the front porch complete with rocking chairs and views of the lake or the surrounding property. The nice thing about staying in a Bed and Breakfast is that breakfast is served to you right on the porch or in the kitchen. Some of the options include bran muffins, wild mushroom frittata, and cranberry apple compote.

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