Hybrid Log Cabin Has a Spectacular Rustic Staircase and Stunning Log-work Inside

Hybrid is a term that is often used when talking about cars. The Gibsons Hybrid is not a car. What does hybrid mean? Hybrid home construction simply means combining two different things, a mixture. A hybrid car uses two types of power. The Gibsons Hybrid is a log house construction but not just any house, but rather a post and beam style house by West Coast Log Homes. This small two bedroom house is gorgeous. Made with conventional home construction and accented with logs, it is both rustic and elegant. It has a spectacular entry way with amazing log posts and beams beckons and welcomes. Exterior finishes in wood and rock allow this home to blend in and yet stand out on its five-acre plot. In the interior of the home, the logs are visible in the posts, on the staircase, as well as beams that support the loft. The beauty of the logs is breathtaking.

This small post and beam hybrid log house is a very economical two bedroom cabin design. The custom log house has a spacious covered deck and barbecue area and is perfect for enjoying the five-acre property that it was built. Hybrid post and beam log house structures offer the best of both worlds, with simple conventional log house construction with log accents becoming the focus in the attention grabbing areas.

Post and beam construction allows for flexible log house design. There are no shrinkage or settling issues, which makes this log house solid and sturdy right from the start. It is suitable for large windows and openings in both the interior and exterior. Many types of exterior sidings can be used, and the interior finishes in this type of design are endless. Post and beam log house constructions fit well into both urban and rural settings. Using whole logs and precision joinery, the post and beam log house has superior strength and beauty. You can use an entire tree trunk to decorate and support and are left visible, which allows you to see the natural beauty of nature. Wall openings are constructed using conventional wood framing. This is why these types of home designs are called a hybrid. The combination of post and beam, with conventional log house construction, makes this a wonderful, gorgeous and superb home design.

There are many steps to a hybrid log house construction. For starters, the logs have to be harvested. Each log house begins with the harvesting of the logs. When deciding to build with both timber and logs, it is important to understand where the raw building materials come from and the way in which the logs are harvested. You always want to go with a log house construction company that harvest their logs using sustainably and environmental impacts that are mitigated. It also helps get the best logs when they are selectively harvested by hand, that way only the logs that meet the aesthetic character and structural needs of each home design project are met. Working only in managed forests and areas pre-selected for harvesting, they can survey the woodlot to assess the quality of each tree before they are removed.

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