Beautiful Rustic and Modern North Sister Tiny Home

You'll fall in love with the North Sister a tiny home built by Wood Iron Tiny Homes. This tiny house design is the debut custom tiny home, from the family-owned builders based out of Sisters, Oregon. The tiny house builders have created a beautiful minimalist, rustic home inspired by their 'Modern Natural Edge' aesthetic. The exterior of the tiny home is constructed with a mix of cedar shingles, Breckenridge panels, and two-tone corrugated metal, the lack of exterior paint makes for an extremely low-maintenance home.

Upon entering the North Sister tiny home you are greeted by a 5 foot by 10-foot cedar porch with a fold-down awning and full-glass Doug Fir French doors with a key-less entry, leading the way to the open floor plan. The tiny home consists of a living room upon entering through the French doors, a modern kitchen with Italian stainless-steel appliances, double gas cooktop, and a farmhouse sink, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft with plentiful windows and a skylight.

When considering small house living and purchasing a tiny house many people wonder what some of the unforeseen costs might be. You will want to consider the accessories that might be required to get your tiny home set up. There are little things such as a sewer hose, a stand for the sewer hose, a heated water hose, a 50 amp power cord, stairs, skirting for the winter, and other small things.

Some of the costs you will want to account for might be associated with meeting certain codes. One example is in some counties windows are required to be hurricane impact rated windows, which are 3 times the cost of typical windows. The materials needed to meet some of these codes can add up quickly. For a tiny house on wheels, the unforeseen costs might include things like touch-up paint and replacements for household hardware. This could be because of the high utilization that you use every bit of your house.

When it comes to the cost of building a tiny house, you just have to be aware that everything adds up. It’s impossible to budget out every single hardware store trip as things you may have thought would work (for example a certain type of drill bit) might not. There’s an extra $5. And it seems small but as I said, it adds up. So, when budgeting it is recommended to build in some buffer for those trips to your hardware store that you weren’t planning on.

Your tiny home should support your life. Many people dream of living and owning a tiny house. Some people cite their desire to leave a smaller ecological footprint, while others seek the freedom that lower housing costs and a tiny house brings to include freedom from debt, freedom to pursue hobbies, and freedom to travel. Your home isn't just the place where you sleep at night, your home should support your ambitions and also reflect your values. If you love to entertain, your home design should support that. If you love to cook, your home design should support that. If you love to make things, your home should be a place where you can create.

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