A Peaceful Tiny House With a Very Interesting Design

Every detail of this tiny house is perfect, from its wooden floors to its front covered patio and surrounding scenery, this tiny house makes small house living look good. Small house living is not to be mistaken for giving up everything to live a poor lifestyle; it is quite the opposite. Small house living allows a person to live within their means and create a life of freedom and passion. When people don't have to be paying so much money into a mortgage, there is so much freedom that they are given in return. The small house philosophy is for people to focus more on living their life with passion and ease, to live a life full of the things that they want to spend their time doing.

Like many people who decide to go small, the owner needed a home of her own that wouldn't cost her too much. Architect Henry Yorke Mann devised 300 square foot home for the owner within her budget of $28,000. The house was designed into a cross shape, which creates space for all the essential areas of the home. There is one area for the kitchen, a seating room, entrance and closets. In the house, there is also a sleeping loft, which is accessible by a ladder. There is also a cool 100 square foot cellar. As you will see, there is plenty of room in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, which has a full-sized porcelain bathtub, which is a must-have for many people.

They implemented a great skylight in the ceiling, which allows natural light to stream in, and the ceilings are also nice and high, giving the illusion of more space. The shelves that have been installed give her tones of space to store things, including her large beautiful handwoven baskets. Storage is key in smaller homes. You want to be able to have a place for everything and to be able to use every square inch of the floor plan to your advantage. The floors were done with a drying oil, and no stain, which enhances their natural beauty without any chemicals. The wood used in the home was mostly pine since it is an affordable choice, but it is also very strong and durable.

The home is very energy efficient, and can be heated with her propane fireplace; the insulation plays a key role in this. The outdoor area of the tiny home is so beautiful too and gives the owner another place to lounge and enjoy. Growing a family fruit and veggie garden is also a great way to save money, and give you and your family are eating fresh organic produce. It is truly amazing to see the different kinds of houses that people build and live in. It is like getting a peek into these people's lives. It just shows us that it's possible to live a life of comfort and contentment without having to spend a fortune on a huge mansion and all of the things to fill it up. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. You may even be inspired to build or live in a tiny home yourself. With all of the freedom you can gain, you will never feel like you are giving anything up at all.

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