The House-Box: A Horse Box Turned Tiny House

The House-Box tiny house on wheels is tucked away in the secret garden of Kinton Quarry, it is a handcrafted haven on wheels that has lovely views of the surrounding Welsh hills. This house box was originally a vintage Bedford TK horse box, it's been converted into a sweet and unique tiny house on wheels with reclaimed materials that are used throughout and lots of interesting objects that all have a story of their own. The unique tiny house on wheels has an exterior that has so much character with lots of wood and a green truck with green trim throughout the wooden house box. Inside there is a lovely wooden interior, with a wood stove, shower, living area and kitchen space, with a stove, bunk bed and built-in seats for sitting and a couch. The cozy interior space is rustic and inviting, the perfect tiny house space to enjoy.

The home was created in 2010 by friends Dean, Jake, and Zack who did it as a fun project at first. But that quickly evolved into a full-time business. Their main focus is converting mobile and static off-grid spaces into cozy and technologically equipped homes. They've worked on busses, boats, and sheds along with trailers like this one. They also build tree-houses, shipping container homes and coach buildings. They love DIY projects so they also help other self-builders with their own projects. They take on commissions for handmade items like a pirates chest made of 400-year-old oak wood, a bookcase door, and even staircases with iron and metal work involved.

You can see all of the great details they added into this tiny house on wheels, with all of the real wood and stained glass accents. They also added in some tiles in the kitchen which brighten up the space a lot and make it feel homier. The wood stove even looks to be a second-hand item as well and it looks great in the living room. They were able to fit a nice sofa in the living room area, which is a nice touch, and there's also some bench seating with storage underneath. Up in a small loft, there is a bed that also looks very comfortable and it's more like a bunk than a loft so it's a part of the living room. In the bathroom, there is a tiled shower done with bright yellow and orange tiles, again, most likely something that was found used. The shower head and faucet is quite unique and also looks antique which offers a nice touch to the shower. There doesn't appear to be a toilet, but there could be a composting toilet hidden away.

The nice thing about this tiny house on wheels is that the vehicle is attached right to the trailer so you wouldn't need a seperate vehicle to tow the tiny unit around. This space would work great as a nice little cottage to bring on the road and park at camp sites or RV parks to enjoy life on the road.

More about this story can be found at: House-Box

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