A Modern Container Style Granny Flat

This modern granny flat is a great example of what you can do when you build small. Tiny house buildings are creating a revolution in home design, and people everywhere are enchanted by how awesome these tiny house buildings are. Small house living is a great option for anyone who wants to own a house of their own, but can't afford to buy a house in today's economic state. The size and the prices of homes across America continually seem to grow. A standard house for a family would have been somewhere around the 1000 square foot mark, but these days home sizes have doubled while family size has dropped significantly. So now there are more large home designs than ever, but no one can afford them. If you build your tiny house building, you can get the perfect home design for you and your partner to live in for as little as $20,000. People who purchase their tiny house building already built pay around $50,000 or so for theirs because of all the labor involved.

This modern garden pavilion that a family built in their backyard. The tiny house building looks like a cross between a steel container home and downtown loft. The tiny house building is a modern small home design which is used by a family in Seattle who enjoys using the space for a variety of uses. The family use the tiny house building as a backyard office, a playroom for the kids, and a guesthouse for when visitors stay over. The modern tiny house building has a lot of functionality with a footprint of 20 feet by 12 feet, and since it’s on a foundation, there are high ceilings and a spacious sleeping loft that you can easily stand up and walk around in. This modern tiny house building was built with the help of architect uncle and Ninebark Design Build LLC; they were able to make it happen. Take a look below and let us know how you like it in the comments.

This tiny house building is contemporary and modern with lots of steel and wood. The windows in the home design open up the tiny house pace which is only 20 feet by 12 feet. The windows used this tiny house building make the house look much larger than it is. This home design makes use of many windows to create a whole corner wall of windows which adds to the beautiful modern look. Inside this tiny house design, the decor is kept very minimal, using muted tones and neutral colours. The white walls in the design also help to create the feeling of spaciousness and the concrete floor is another nice touch. The bathroom is a good size for tiny house design and is adorned with beautiful glass tiles and a large shower with glass doors. The modern bathroom might even be larger than most apartment sized bathrooms. There is a loft area in this tiny house space that is accessed by a sliding ladder, and there is plenty of headroom in this space too.

Since this tiny house building isn't on wheels, you have a lot more leeway with the height. Whereas, a tiny house on wheels must be under 13 feet tall to comply with the highway limitations for towing. Most lofts in tiny houses on wheels are not tall enough to stand up in making them a little tricky to manoeuvre in. But if you have space in your backyard to build a tiny house building, then you will have a little bit more freedom with the restrictions.

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