A 600 Square Foot House Boat Built For Full Time Living

This Haida inspired houseboat has 600 square feet of space in its spacious design. What better way to enjoy the Seattle harbor than from houseboat unique small house plan? The floating home design has a stunning interior with curved beams, clerestory windows, arched stained glass door, and tiger-wood countertops in both the kitchen and bath. The houseboat comes equipped with a four-burner propane range with oven, and a bathroom with a marine toilet and tile shower. The unique small house plan measures 15 by 40 feet in its exterior dimension with a 4 foot by 14 foot covered exterior deck.

This houseboat is beautifully crafted inside and out. The exterior of the unique small house plan has a cedar shake roof and siding; wooden Haida carved features and a small patio at the back of the home design. Once inside, the unique small house plan has wood throughout on both the floors and ceiling with its curved beams. The houseboat is heated with a wooden stove in the open living and kitchen area, and stairs take you to the upstairs loft. There is a good sized bathroom with shower, vanity and marine toilet. The upstairs loft has a full sized bed. This houseboat home design is perfect for small house living for a couple who would enjoy living on the water.

If you've ever dreamed of living on the water in a houseboat, a unique small house plan such as this might be for you. It seems these days that more and more people are looking to small house living to either get the extra space they need, use as vacation homes or for full time living. A tiny home design is a great way to save some money and live a life with less stuff. This houseboat is just one of the small house living you might consider if you think tiny house living is for you, or you are in need of a change. But do you think you have what it takes to go tiny? If you're nodding your head yes, you might want to think about it a little more. You might want to go to a tiny house vacation or get some advice from people who have been living for at least three years, or longer. Although small house living has loads of benefits and sounds like a breeze, it's not necessarily for everyone. The best way to make your tiny house dream come true is to do a bit of research.

With any living situation, there are going to be pros and cons, and the same goes for small house living. Of course, the one con is that you will have less space, but a benefit is that a small home design typically costs less, so this frees up your money every month to spend on the things that you want. It’s not just a lower mortgage payment that saves you money; you'll save on your electric bill too. That adds up to major savings over a few years that you will spend in your home. Another benefit to small house living is that there is a lot less cleaning. Depending on how big your current home is, you might reduce your cleaning by half or more, and that is perhaps the best benefit of all. With less cleaning to do, you'll have more time to do the things you enjoy.

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