Get Plans and Instructions to Build a Simple Greenhouse

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or you're just starting out on planting your dream garden, a greenhouse can be a valuable asset to your garden and your plants. Having a greenhouse could also even make it possible to grow your own food year-round depending on where you live. Or, if you enjoy growing other types of plants like tropical plants that need a humid environment, having a greenhouse can also be a nice oasis that you can have in addition to your home. Greenhouses are especially great for starting out your plants in the springtime before they go into your garden beds as well. This gives them a head start as seedlings before they go out into the actual ground allowing their roots to grow strong and build up resilience. The heat in a greenhouse is very beneficial to all plants, especially in those months where we have fewer daylight hours. The greenhouse will collect and retain the heat and energy from the sun making the perfect environment for plants to grow.

So if you want to grow vegetables or plants all year round, you can build a greenhouse like the one from Bepa's Garden. The greenhouse here only costs a total of $150 to make, which is very reasonable for a greenhouse. Usually, if you were to buy a prefab greenhouse it could cost a lot more than that so this DIY project is very budget friendly, and it looks and works just like a professionally built one too. It is a very simple and small design built out of 2 by 4s in a stick frame formation with plastic sheathing to enclose it.

The inside of the finished greenhouse is the perfect environment to keep starter plants and seedlings that need a lot of warmth and light to grow. You could also install some plant growing lights that mimic the sun's energy to get your plants ready for putting in the ground once springtime comes around. Starting plants out in a greenhouse makes for strong, hearty plants and makes the most of your growing season. If you live in a very cold climate, there are ways that you can build an insulated and inclosed greenhouse that will not be susceptible to frost or cold where you can grow plants all year round, so you have a constant supply of fresh vegetables.

To build this greenhouse, for the full instructions, you can purchase the plans and instructions from Bepa's Garden. You can purchase the PDF version of the plans so you will have immediate full access to them for only around $20. Or, you can also pay for the printed plans to be mailed out to you. The set of plans will come with diagrams, a materials list and a cut list to make the entire process as easy as it can be for you. With all of the guesswork taken out of the building process, this project could only take you and another person about a weekend or two to finish.

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