The Charming Cornelius Barn Home Includes Living Quarters and Horse Stables In One

A charming barn home, the Oakridge is a 36 foot home with an apartment above built on a stunning property in Cornelius, Oregon. Where some barn homes are simply just homes that are made in the style of barns, this one is designed to be both a functioning barn and a home with the living space on the upper level and the barn space on the lower level. The main area consists of 2 stalls for horses, a tack room, storage for hay, and two dog stalls as well. There are also two 12 foot shed roofs for some extra protected outdoor space as well. The upper level has a super cozy living area that has more than enough space with 1,080 square feet with a bedroom, bathroom, an office, as well as a living room and kitchen. There's even a balcony to sit out on and enjoy the incredible views. The dormers in this barn home design are called Nantucket dormers, which each include a timber truss to add some more rustic handcrafted style to this home. The dormers also add some more head space in the living area too, plus six skylights help to bring in natural light and really open up the space a lot. Every detail in this design is so well thought out and very beautifully finished. From the metal details on the horse stalls to the built-in bookshelves in the living space upstairs, this barn home design really has a lot to offer.

The kitchen in the living space is finished nicely with some dark cabinets and granite-style countertops along with stainless steel appliances. The farmhouse style sink also offers a lot of classic style as well as a lot of space to put dishes and wash up. The sink in the bathroom is also a very nice feature made out of glass with gold coloured spirals and a very intricate faucet. It's these little touches that just bring so much character to a home. The two covered stalls outside could be used for parking or storage, and there's one on either side of the house too. Walking down to the barn to feed and groom the horses would be a breeze in this well-equipped and perfectly designed home making it a must-have home for horse lovers. It also looks beautiful on the property and fits in beautifully with the landscape surrounding it. They offer their services all over the United States so whether a customer lives in Texas or California, they will create the perfect barn home for each individual. All of their barn homes are built using timber framing techniques which are tested and true; these same methods that have been used to build strong, sturdy homes for centuries. They also implement modern building methods which make their homes even stronger, and also make them a lot more energy efficient too.

The company ensures their customers that they only use the best quality wood for their projects and they handpick the materials for each of the projects they complete. The designers will be working with the client from day one to iron out the details of their home design and then once that's finished, they will choose the materials for the project and get started on creating the perfect home or barn, or a combination of the two like this lovely barn home with stalls included underneath. If you love the idea of living close to your horses and animals, a barn home may be the perfect type of home for you, which in this case, a home like the Cornelius would really inspire you.

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