A Comfortable and Easy to Maintain Log Cabin

These Cullowhee Cabins offer a sense of incredible comfort. The Cullowhee log cabins range in size from 999 to 1,423 square feet and provide a sense of home that you will fall in love with. These cozy log cabins are easy and comfortable to maintain, with a central living and dining area that provide a great room experience that is perfect for family enjoyment and an excellent spot for storytelling while the family sits around. The Cullowhee log cabin also has a spacious loft with lots of storage that makes for a great second room or a space saver. The master bedroom is located on the main level of the log cabin and provides large picture windows to let in the natural light in the morning.

There are three Cullowhee log cabins to choose from. The Cullowhee I log cabin has one bedroom with a loft and two bathrooms, with 999 square feet of space. The Cullowhee II log cabin has two bedrooms with a loft, two bathrooms, and 1,423 square feet of space. And the Cullowhee III has one bedroom with two bathrooms, with 940 square feet of space. You will find these charming log cabins on the Blue Ridge Log Cabins site. The log home company was founded in 1992 and is considered to be one of the most innovative log home companies in the United States. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is one of the fasted growing privately owned companies in the U.S. for over two years. They create modular log homes for the upscale log cabin industry, with designs that save on costs, time and the risk that is typically associated with log home construction.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins has a state-of-the-art, 110,000 square foot production facility that is located in South Carolina. The facility is capable of building up to 15 custom log homes that range in size from 500 to 8,000 square feet each week. The company was featured on HGTV's Best Ever Log Homes and an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The company is the only solid log modular home business in America. They hand stack their log homes in a factory setting, and because they have such a large facility to build in this helps to eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather that might occur. They construct the prefabricated sections inside so they can guarantee that their log homes will be a more uniform build. They can also more accurately project what the exact cost of your log home will be. You can use the Blue Ridge Log Cabins for your full-time primary residence, or you might choose to use one of their log cabins as your secondary vacation home.

Builders like Blue Ridge Log Homes have very little to do once the log home kit is delivered to the site. So that means the log home builders time on the job site is that much shorter, and in the end, the customer is going to be that much happier. When you purchase a log cabin kit from Blue Ridge Log Cabins, you will have a log home that includes the interior walls, floors, interior door and window trim, ceilings, baseboards, wall mouldings, and more. You will also have a log home kits that includes electrical wiring and panel box, outlet receptacles and covers, kitchen appliances, water heater, plumbing lines, and so much more. When you purchase other log home kits typically, they don't include all the materials that are needed to complete the log home. With Blue Ridge Log Cabins almost everything is done for you.

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