A Practical and Affordable Small Log Cabin

Many people find log cabins to be incredibly peaceful and relaxing. There is something about being surrounded by all that wood that creates a feeling of being at one with nature. This lovely little Creekside log cabin by Coventry Log Homes is the perfect cozy, chalet-style recreational cabin, complete with everything you could want in a weekend retreat or even a group get-away. Coventry Log Homes has been in business for over 20 years and is managed by president Jeff Elliott, who has been involved in this family business his whole life. Not only does he live in one of his own log home creations, but he also enjoys the satisfaction of creating a wonderful log home for others and takes pride in Coventry Log Homes� promise to do everything possible to make your log home dreams come true. They also say that they only use the best materials at the best price so your log home dreams can come true easier and less expensively than you think.

Take the Creekside log cabin, for instance. Although a log cabin is typically regarded as a less finished or architecturally sophisticated structure, the Creekside log cabin is a beautiful recreational cabin with a kitchen area with room enough for weekend cooking, as well as a dining area, indoor bathroom and two separate sleeping quarters big enough to fit a queen bed and a twin bed, or set of bunk beds. Although this get-away cabin isn�t suitable for full-time residential use as it may not meet residential codes in all states, it isn�t any less sophisticated, boasting both a loft as well as a cathedral ceiling for added space.

This is a 14� x 26�, 537 square foot log cabin and can be purchased in its entirety for just $38,850 and with a few modifications to allow it to meet all building codes, could be utilized as a residential home for very little additional expense. Where else can you purchase a beautiful log cabin large enough to sleep four comfortably for that price? And if you�re a DIY fan and have some knowledge about building log homes, you can purchase all of the logs required to build this log cabin for $20,850.

One of the things most people love about Coventry Log Homes is their commitment to going green. Not only do Coventry Log Homes packages meet all current energy codes, but any of their standard packages can also meet Energy Star requirements. They also support responsible eco-friendly efforts to sustain renewable resources. But what else does �going green� mean? It means that the log cabins are made from all-natural products that don�t contain any harmful toxins. It means their logs are dried utilizing kilns which use renewable energy. It also means they pre-cut and number their logs to cut down on job site waste.

They also recycle all excess wood used in manufacturing by creating shavings for local farmers, heating their buildings with log ends and even give away wood to residents to heat their homes. Going green means a lot of things, all of which are good practices for the environment. When deciding where to purchase a log cabin, if you are in the market for one, consider choosing a log cabin like the Creekside by Coventry Log Homes. Not only is the Creekside �green,� but it�s also a stunning, slightly rustic, charming and cozy chalet you would be proud to call your very own when taking your friends and family to a peaceful weekend get-away.

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