The Lakeview Log Cabin Has Rustic Charm With a Loft View

Relax in style in the amazing Lakeview Log Cabin, the perfect wood cabin model for recreational or full-time use. Could you see yourself enjoying a nice relaxing time out on the patio of this lovely log cabin? Once you see more photos of it on the Coventry Log Homes site, you will have a clearer picture in your mind of what it would be like to own a sweet log cabin like this one. This log cabin is a part of Coventry Log Home's Recreational Series of log homes and wood cabins. The Recreational Cabins are not meant for full-time use and might not meet building codes in certain areas to be a full-time residential home. It helps to know the restrictions and guidelines to follow before purchasing a log cabin, especially if its intended use is beyond using it for weekends or in the summer time. Most places have laws about the amount of time that a person can live in a building that is considered to be a recreational unit.

A log cabin like this Lakeview log cabin would be perfect for building at the Lake as the name implies. It's so wonderful to have a lake house or cabin for use in the summertime to take in summer to its fullest. Sure camping can be alright, but it is always nice to have something more permanent, and it is nice to be able to sleep in a proper bed instead of on the ground in a tent. This is a 920 square foot log cabin with two bedrooms and one bathroom in it. From the outside view, at first it may seem like a small cabin, but once inside, you will see how much space there is. The living room, kitchen and dining room area is very open with a cathedral ceiling that causes the space to feel so expansive. The bedrooms look like a great size, and all have wonderful big windows in them to allow in plenty of natural light. Both of the bedrooms of the cabin are on the main floor, but there is also a loft area where another bed could be added for extra sleeping space. The loft has a view of the main floor down below which makes the whole house flow and feel very connected.

For a six by eight complete log cabin package, it costs $52,600. This will include all of the building materials that are needed to build the log cabin, and they will be labelled for easy and quick assembly. Some people may wish to hire a professional contractor to build their log cabin, but usually, these smaller log cabins can be built but the customers, which would save them some money in the long run. Log homes and cabins are wonderful to live and to use recreationally. It has been shown that living or staying in a wood cabin can reduce stress and anxiety, much like being in a forest surrounded by trees would.

Log cabins and homes are made out of one of the most sustainable building materials, logs are an excellent renewable resource, and they can be grown in a very sustainable way that is not harmful to the environment. Also, logs are very efficient for use as building materials for log home or cabin, because they come equipped with their own natural grown insulation as well as water protection. These types of wood cabins can last for years even a hundred years if they are taken care of well.

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