You'd Never Know This Charming Cottage is Three Centuries Old

Finding an old home that's in good enough shape to move into is pretty rare. Especially a home that is centuries old like this old saltbox home in the Hamptons that is 3 centuries old. Couple Jennifer and Derrick Miller happened upon this charming cottage when they were looking for a weekend vacation home to enjoy the summers at. They wanted a place where they could take their kids to feel more connected to nature and where they could relax and unwind themselves. Luckily, when they saw this property, they instantly loved it. They loved it, even more, when they saw a plaque on the home that said The Miller because the home used to belong to the miller in town. So it seemed even more meant to be since their last name is Miller. The home was set as a historic landmark and used to be home to Lazarus Manley, a miller. Even though the 1,000 square foot home was charming, it wasn't really their style, and with Jennifer being an interior designer, they wanted to make some much-needed changes to the home to freshen it up while maintaining its original characteristics and historical value. It took them about three years to paint the interior of the home, which was wood that was saved from a Naval ship. They painted it a nice fresh white which helped to refresh the space while brightening it up a lot too. Of course, they kept the wood beams intact which add such a warm quality to the space and keep some of the original design elements alive.

The couple also added a picket fence and a lovely lawn in front of the home with plenty of plants and trees surrounding. The exterior of the home is done with faded cedar shakes and white accents and trim. The simplistic style really lends to the classic American cottage or home that people associate with comfortable family life in America, white picket fence and all. Since the space inside the home was limited, Jennifer was smart with her decor and planning so as not to take away from the homes spaces. She went neutral with the furniture for the most part and added pops of light colour here and there with art and accessories, and of course, flowers. The kitchen is a great space with the old wooden ceilings and beams making a huge impact in the room. She painted them all white though to maximize the space and to make it feel larger than it is. The backsplash and feature wall behind the galley kitchen is done is raw wood bringing some warmth in, and then the butcher block counter tops and white cabinets fit right in. They also added a new kitchen island to provide more working and eating space as well as more storage space for pots and pans.

The home also has a piano which their daughter loves to play on, and it fits perfectly by the stairs. The master bedroom is on the main floor with a very comfortable bed and lots of great light streaming in. Originally, the couple had their bedroom upstairs but switched it to the main level and put their kids upstairs in the larger room. The kid's room also includes a little play corner for the kids. They even took the shed in the back yard and made it into a multi-purpose space where the family can do art, use as an office or a playroom. It can even be used as a guest room when the couple has guests come to visit, what a great idea to take an older small home or cottage and revamp it into a fresh new space.

More about this story can be found at: Vaughn Miller Studio

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