You Will Love This Rustic Cabin in Bigfork

The Diamond Bar Bed and Board is not your regular vacation rental. The rustic cabin building can accommodate up to 6 guests with 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, and one bathroom, along with a Noble 60-foot round pen and arena to accommodate your horse(s). During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire rustic cabin building to yourself. The wood cabin is on the Swan River, with majestic views of the Flat Head valley mountains. You’ll love the rustic ranchette for its modern Montana-western cabin decor and it's refreshing peace and quiet. There are a convenience store and gas station within a mile away, and the main street Big Fork is just a seven-mile drive. There is a new barn building and paddock's, and Noble 60 foot round pen and arena to accommodate your horse(s). This unique vacation rental is good for everyone, especially those who love horses. There's also a new teepee by the river that sleeps up to three people.

Guests to the Diamond Bar Bed and Board give it glowing reviews with words like charming, spacious and comfortable used to describe the vacation cabin. The rustic cabin building has a huge lawn with beautiful gardens, tubes for floating and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows. The cozy cabin building even has a small swimming pond. You'll love the teepee as a great place to relax and read. The location of the cabin building is convenient to everything. Some of the activities you might enjoy during your vacation stay include fishing, renting a boat on Echo Lake, going to a rodeo in Columbia Falls, shopping in Big Fork, hiking in Jewel Basin and Glacier Park, floating the river, enjoying local farmers markets and you might even dance to some great bluegrass music.

If a cabin building is something you've always dreamed of, the Diamond Bar Bed and Board is sure to offer some inspiration. When considering a wood cabin build will need to plan out the details for your cabin building plan to include your log house budget, building site, and log house design. Whether you choose to build the log house yourself, buy a log house kit or hire contractors will depend on several factors.

Once you have your log house site, you'll need to select your logs and transport the logs to your log house building site. The type of logs that you use for your cabin building will depend upon what is available locally, your personal preferences and your log house budget. Many people choose logs that they can get cheap and local to save on transportation. This is a good idea, you can talk to local loggers, wood mills and foresters to find out what tree species are plentiful in the location where you live and choose the log species that best suits your wood cabin design. Each log species will have its pros and cons in regards to the strength, insulation value, and rot resistance so you'll want to remember to compare those points when choosing your tree species for your wood cabin build.

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