This Canadian Cabin Proves Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

You'll want to take a closer look inside this amazing Scandinavian style cabin building tucked away along a secluded bay of Lake Tremblant deep in Canada’s Laurentian Mountains. This log cabin is the result of a 15-year search for the perfect piece of land by owner Paul Perron who always wanted a log cabin building but also wanted the cabin to be in the right location. Perron was looking for a secluded spot with no neighbors close by, a piece of property that was still close to the main thoroughfare for easy access, flat terrain to build the cabin building on and a good-sized lot with a private road. The existing private road was essential; being a real estate agent, he knew how difficult it would be to get a road-construction permit from the municipality. His profession should have made his search quick and easy, as he had ample knowledge of many properties for sale in the Laurentian region where he was looking. Still, it took him 15 years to find his ideal location.

The property he ended finding for this stunning log cabin building is 180 acres near Saint-Donat, the site where the cabin building sits overlooks a private lake and is surrounded by a forest teeming with wildlife. The wood cabin has a double-door two-story garage that sits next to the log cabin building that is almost as big. Both cabin buildings sit perfectly in the area’s natural surroundings.

After the log house construction, Perron again found himself having to be patient while the log house when through shrinkage, which makes the logs check, and is usually unavoidable with this type of log house structure. One solution is to just let the log house rest and settle completely undisturbed post log house construction. Perron allowed his log house to settle for four years before finally moving in.

The log cabin building uses Swedish-cope logs that are round inside and out with a half-moon-shaped cove on the bottom of the log. The corners of the stacked log house walls are saddle notched which is a traditional corner style in a Swedish-cope wall system. To avoid snow accumulation on the log house during the harsh Canadian winters, Perron chose a steeply pitched metal roof with a thick layer of insulation to keep the interior warm inside.

Inside the rustic style log house, the ground floor in the kitchen, dining area, and living room is made of slate. The stone also dominates the wood fireplace in the living room. Stone is durable and resists scratches, cracks, and chips make it a good choice for high-traffic areas in the house. Another benefit of stone is that it transmits heat evenly and efficiently, making it perfect for the log houses' radiant in-floor heating system. With its southwest orientation, The Canadian log cabin building receives plenty of sunlight because of its southwest orientation and the house plants inside the house are happy about that. The stone used throughout the log cabin building also looks good and compliments the log cabin beautifully.

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