Winterlake Lodge Offers Seclusion and Spectacular Scenery Views

The Winterlake Lodge lies 198 miles northwest of Anchorage along Alaska's historic Iditarod Trail. The lodge stands in 15 acres of property which overlooks Winter Lake, a finger-shaped two mile lake where landings are by float-plane in the summer and ski-plane in the winter. Winterlake offers seclusion and spectacular scenic views of the Trimble Glacier and the beginnings of the Rainy Pass are visible from the lake. Behind the lodge, Wolverine Mountain offers hiking and wildlife viewing and there are many species of Alaskan birds, wildflowers, and berries that are difficult to see in other areas. Activities at the lodge include hiking along the Iditarod Trail, swimming in the lake, and kayaking or canoeing. From the lodge activities such as glacier trekking, wildlife viewing, fishing for salmon and rainbow trout, white-river rafting, and exploring for gold are all available, often accessed by helicopter for which there is an additional charge payable locally.

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The lodge offers a comfortable main room where you can relax by the fire and view the lake from large picture windows, a cozy dining area, a large meditative yoga room, a hot tub on the main deck, and a lakeside wood-burning sauna. The rooms in the lodge are in individual cabin buildings which are located around the main lodge. Winterlake is owned by renowned chef, Kirsten Dixon, who offers world-class culinary classes at the lodge with visiting chefs. As you would expect, the meals at the lodge are superb and usually feature Alaskan cuisine. All guests are welcome in the kitchen to watch or assist if they wish.

The Winterlake Lodge can serve as your home away from home while you discover all that Alaska has to offer. Alaska’s vast, wild and dramatic landscapes lend themselves to plenty of outdoor adventures and are home to an incredible array of wildlife. During your Alaskan vacation stay, you might spend the day in Denali National Park where grizzlies, moose, wolves, caribou, and bald eagles can be seen, or hop on a seaplane to Brooks Falls where the annual salmon run attracts hordes of bears. There is also plenty to see and do on Alaska’s waterways. You might see icebergs that pierce the calm fjords, witness huge chunks of ice shear off glaciers that run down from imposing mountains, or take a cruise along the coastline toward Prince William Sound, one of the best places in the world to watch whales.

Alaska has gold-rush towns that have barely changed in over a century, and national parks the size of countries providing a wilderness habitat for grizzly bears, moose, and wolves, Alaska is an escape from the modern world. Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, yet it’s surrounded by mountains, forests, and tranquil waters. You can contrast this more modern settlement with the gold-rush towns of Skagway and McCarthy, where original wooden buildings paint an accurate picture of life here during the 19th century. But perhaps the highlight of an Alaska vacation is venturing into wilderness areas like Denali National Park to see glaciers and rarely see the wildlife.

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