This Prefab Tree House Took Just 8 Days to Assemble

Fulfill your childhood dreams of staying in a treehouse when you vacation in this modern treehouse owned by two long-time friends who decided they needed an adult treehouse for relaxing in nature. The friends went the sophisticated and sustainable route with a treehouse designed by German design firm Baumraum, the Halden treehouse is a prefabricated structure with a gabled roof and an entire glazed front wall that provides stunning views. The modern treehouse is located in the remote Swiss town of Halden, the 236 square foot treehouse is tucked into a natural setting of rolling hills looking out over an orchard. To protect the idyllic landscape and reduce construction costs and time, the treehouse was prefabricated in Germany. When it was delivered to its location, the structure was carefully elevated off the land with four wooden support beams. Thanks to the prefabricated system, the treehouse was installed in just a few days.

The Halden Treehouse is a 236-square-foot treehouse on high stilts. The tiny structure is elevated off the ground by large supports to reduce its impact on the landscape. The interior of the treehouse is well-lit through the glass facade. Sliding glass doors open up to the wooden deck. After years of envisioning their treehouse design, friends Helgard and Nina tapped design firm Baumraum to finally bring their imagined space to life. Acclaimed for their tree houses, the German-based team quickly got to work, carefully developing plans for what is now known as Baumhaus Halden. Once the formal preparation was complete, the treehouse was prefabricated in Germany before being assembled within days on a beautiful family property in the Swiss town of Halden.

The Treehouse in Halden is a lovely place to stay. The small village of Halden, part of the historic city of Bischofszell, lies adjacent to the Bodensee, Konstanz, St Gallen, as well as the beginning of the Alps. This unique accommodation in the trees offers a great view of the river Thur which you can reach in less than one minute, as well as views of the old Thurgau apple trees. The treehouse has modern comfort with a simple yet stylish ambiance. It is ideal for one to two guests and is available for special occasions via a gift voucher.

During your vacation stay there is plenty to see and do, you can go swimming on the Thur, go for a walk, enjoy a barbecue, go in the water or relax under the Oak trees. If you would like to do some sightseeing in the area recommended activities include bike rides along the Thur river (the treehouse is located right by the Thur bike path from Toggenburg to Frauenfeld), visit Bischofszell an old historic City with amazing sightseeing from the 14th century, go sightseeing in Konstanz and/or St Gallen. Bodensee/Lake Konstanz has several attractions to include parachuting or flying at airport Sitterdorf. There is also a playground for children. Other things to do include hot air balloon tours, massage therapy with Nina Egli (upon appointment), psychotherapy with Helgard Worrall (upon appointment).

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