This Georgetown Lakeside Residence Takes the Cake with this Outdoor Fireplace

A stunning log home built by Teton Heritage Builders combines luxury with natural elements and traditional building techniques to achieve the perfect balance. The Georgetown Lake log home is a beautiful example of log homes that maintain tradition and integrate modern design into their homes. The beautiful log home belongs to Wayne and Susan who are proud to call this beautiful project their home. The couple was ecstatic about the entire process leading up to them moving into their home on the lake. They will also always remember the connections they made with those that helped them with their design and build. The couple decided to build a log home at Georgetown Lake which is a 2,818-acre reservoir in Deer Lodge County and Granite County in Montana. This is a very popular fishing and boating spot for people from all over the United States and within the area as well as visitors from other countries as well. Plus, it's just a gorgeous location on the lake with trees and mountains surrounding, so what more could you ask for in a place to build a home?

The home was designed by Reid Smith Architects and was inspired by the Rocky Mountains that surround the area. Teton Heritage Builders always brings the location and surrounding landscape into the building process to make sure they are respecting the land and building the perfect homes for their customers. The company creates gorgeous handcrafted custom homes using stone, timber, log, glass and steel which reflect nature and they also bring in luxurious aspects like brand new state of the art appliances and fixtures. This incredible log house is perched up on a slope overlooking Georgetown Lake. It's not a full log home, but a timber frame home with some log walls, as well as stone and drywall worked in for a modern appearance. The exterior is shaped by the beautiful lines and curved features as well as the materials used in the project including stone and log faces. They also worked in a lot of large windows making the building look contemporary and to bring in the stunning surrounding views to the inside of the home. So while the home has a very Western style, it's also very stylish and luxurious more than it is rustic.

The home includes a few different entrances and exits with some of them opening up to the lake, while a few open up on the slope. Inside, the home's floor plan is very expansive thanks to the high ceilings and all of the windows included. But then all of the wood accents and wood flooring throughout make it feel warm and cozy as well. The exposed beams in the ceiling draw the eye up to marvel at the expert craftsmanship done by Teton Heritage Builders. They also framed in the windows beautifully using some natural wood to complement the beams. The living room area includes a wall of floor to ceiling windows with a dining room just behind and then the kitchen just behind the dining area. The kitchen features an island with seating, top of the line stainless steel gas stove and oven, a double door stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, microwave and two sinks. One sink is on the island while the other one is by the dishwasher on the regular countertops. The main feature of this home has to be the outdoor fireplace and seating area which would be perfect on any evening watching the stars from the comfort of the covered deck. So rain or shine, this would be the place to be. Isn't this home incredible?

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