This Cottage Is Just. Too. Cute.

You'll fall in love with this adorable small cottage plan located in Santa Barbara, California. The cute tiny house has one bedroom and one bath with 495 square feet of space. The small cottage plan has all the charm and character you can imagine in this rustic 1970's Adobe pied de Terre. The character shines in the magnificent fireplace to the walls with wine bottles that are said to have been drunk by the builder before putting them in the walls (true recycling). Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the .78 acre property especially when the seasonal creek/stream is flowing from recent rains. Get into the Montecito area at this incredible price and either live in the home, restore it, add on some more SF and bedrooms or use the current plans to build a 2600+ SF home with ocean views.

There are a variety of reasons that people consider small house living. Price is often one of the biggest reasons people choose a small cottage plan, although convenience and freedom are other reasons tiny house living is more popular than ever. A small cottage plan could be used as the vacation home you've always dreamed of, guest house, artist studio, backyard office, or more, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Small houses can be environmentally friendly. Because of the smaller footprint of a small cottage plan, you can build a lot of it out of re-purposed, recycled, and salvaged building materials. In addition to making your tiny cottage look unique, reclaimed building materials save the number of new building materials being used. You can also set up your cottage to live off the grid. Using solar panels or wind resources can give your home design power, installing a composting toilet, and using a rainwater catch and filtration system, are all ways to enabling your house to be functional anywhere in the world.

Smaller houses are more energy-efficient overall. Whether you use solar panels or hook your home design up to a power line, the energy a smaller space needs is much less than the energy needs of a traditional-sized home. Smaller appliances work more efficiently, and a small cottage plan uses less power to heat and cool the air. If you need to connect your tiny house to a power source, you’ll still have to pay your electric bill, but it can be about a quarter or less of your traditional-sized house’s bill. On top of everything that you are saving on your mortgage, just think about all the trips you can go on with the money you’ll be saving.

A small cottage design is a great way to declutter your life. Small house living gives you no other option than to organize the things you have. You'll have to get rid of stuff unless you want to pay for a storage locker. Decluttering your possessions will make you keep only the things that you need and use, and for that, you will feel better. When living in a traditional-sized home, stuff just piles up quickly everywhere.

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