This Catskills Treehouse is Built From Salvaged Windows For Unobstructed Views!

Nelson Treehouse built this Glasshouse Treehouse, owned by Treehouse Masters' Christina Salway, the tiny home was constructed from roughly 75 salvaged windows for unobstructed views of the land. Salway founded her interior design company, ElevenTwoEleven Design with a commitment to offering affordable, attainable, design for people from all walks of life. Based in Brooklyn, New York, she and her husband, John, and son, Julian head upstate to their Catskills property as often as they can. So it only made sense that they decide to build the Glasshouse Treehouse, by using salvaged windows for the perfect view of the surrounding property.

Salway describes the windows in this glass treehouse as a patchwork quilt to include collected, found and gifted pieces. She has collected salvaged windows for several years for a variety of design projects, to include a greenhouse on her previous property. The windows have been found everywhere from street corners, shops and two stained glass windows were given to her by her husband and by other family members. The look of the salvaged, vintage windows is one that resonates with Salawy as she loves the old, chipped wooden window frames, and the wavy texture of the blown glass. By using windows for the glass treehouse walls, you are guaranteed sweeping, unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside, and you are always connected to nature all around.

Salway and her son were especially happy about the salvaged McIntire Brass Slide Pole that was installed off the deck of the glass treehouse. The slide pole comes from a real firehouse. The company has been a family-run company for several generations, producing high-quality brass poles from their location in Somerville, Massachusetts. For more than 70 years, people have relied on the slide poles in fire and rescue stations, buildings and dormitories, where people need to navigate to a lower floor both quickly and safely. You'll find these slide poles in use around the world. So when they realized they could include one of the slide poles in their glass treehouse, they couldn't resist. And their young son Julian is especially happy with the new slide pole.

The look of the salvaged windows gives a patchwork look that cannot be replicated, and the window wall tells a story. Once inside the glass treehouse it only gets better especially with the addition of the custom Carolina hanging day bed that perfectly complements the playful look of the treehouse. There is a vibrant rug bought online, a pendant light from a vintage store, and a rustic desk found in a barn at a local farm. It goes to show that you can find pieces to decorate and build your tiny home in a variety of places, and this treehouse design is the perfect example of this. The vintage desk chair in the treehouse was a Craigslist find and is just one of many pieces that tie the place together. The treehouse encourages her to be more mindful of space, as the small size requires her to be more thoughtful in selecting items.

The glass treehouse feels cozy and spacious all at the same time, and no matter where you are in the tiny house you can look out and enjoy the view. This unique small house plan is the perfect place to relax, destress and spend some quality time together with family and friends.

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