This Backyard Retreat Proves Tree Houses Aren't Just For Kids

This 100 square foot treehouse located in Nashville, Tennesee is sure to leave you feeling inspired. The tiny backyard treehouse retreat features reclaimed windows, charming vintage finds, and a full-size iron bed. This isn't your typical kid's treehouse but more of a backyard family retreat. Emily and Sloane Southard had hoped to turn this backyard treehouse into a guest room, but once they got started on the cabin building project, they realized they would have to tear it down due to structural issues.

While the treehouse construction was long and complicated, especially with full-time jobs and a young daughter to care for, the tree house reno wasn't a priority. One bonus for the reno was that Sloane owns a window-restoration business called The Standard Sash, which was perfect as they raided a stash of old windows and used them to inspire the treehouse design. The result is a grown-up version of a treehouse with a view. After about a year, the couple named the finished treehouse flat The Fox House, inspired by a poem by Wendell Berry. The treehouse is a charming take on treehouse living with plenty of natural light and evening breezes.

The treehouse makes good use of space, with open shelving made of 10-inch-wide wood slabs adding rustic charm and keeping odds and ends within arm's reach. The office area has pretty branches. Plants and flowers picked from the couples garden make the tree house feel perfectly inline with nature. The tiny cabin building has a sophisticated writing station with an oak secretary that folds up when not in use. The watercolor artwork fits in nicely with nature inspired setting, and Emily's handiwork adds a bit of flora and fauna to the serene setting.

The cozy living room has a plush vintage sofa in a lovely outdoorsy shade of moss-green. The 1950s-era seating encourages its visitors to linger a bit longer. The floor lamps are a great fit for the cozy space, and the treehouse also has full-on fixtures because the treehouse has electricity. The treehouse also has a broom closet the stores a host of cleaning supplies. And believe it or not, this The Fox House has a full-size bed. The couple designed the treehouse around the iron bed, which was originally in the guest room in the main house. The pillow is made of bark cloth, a material aptly named for its environment. Daughter Wendy Anne likes to hang out in her Papa's Tree House and read.

This tiny treehouse makes perfect use of the small amount of space that it has. You don't feel crowded once inside due to all the windows and light color palette which help to make the tiny space feel much larger than it is. The treehouse isn't too far off the ground so it's easy for both kids and adults to use the stairs. The backyard treehouse space can be used as a lovely guest retreat or makes an excellent place to get away from the main house and have a bit of time to relax.

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