This Brand New Model From Park Model Homes Features High Ceilings for a Roomy Interior

If you're looking for a cute park model home, Park Model Direct is your go-to place. This is one of their brand new models called The Deer Park model. The park model home has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with 399 square feet of space making it perfect to park in places where park models are permitted. It's available for delivery in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and also in Maryland. So if you live anywhere in the east, you can easily have one of these lovely units transported to your property. From the outside, the park model looks much like a regular home, with great modern looking siding in a dark grey and beige colour with some faux bricks on the bottom. The main entrance door leads right into the living room and kitchen area which is a shared space. The kitchen is open and bright with a few windows in it, lots of cabinets and full sized appliances as well. There's even a bar level seating area to eat at right within the kitchen too, making it a good place to gather for some breakfast, lunch or dinner. The other nice thing about this model is that there are cathedral ceilings throughout the home making it feel larger than it actually is. Windows at the ceiling level also help to make it feel larger as does the light and neutral colour palette used throughout the decor.

The living room features a comfortable leather sofa, a coffee table and an area to place the TV on the wall across. Then, in the back is the bedroom which is super cozy and comfortable looking. There are lots of great built-in storage features in this bedroom as well, with cabinets that surround the bed and storage under the bed as well. There's also a chest of drawers built in too, so no need to buy storage furniture. The wall lights beside the bed and the bedside tables are also included in the design as well. Then, the bathroom is a dream come true with a tiled and glassed-in shower with high ceilings and a window up hight. There are two shower heads in the shower area for a luxurious spa-like experience. Up in the loft is a space for storage or another space for sleeping for guests. Owners of these park models can build a nice deck on the front of their home once it's set in place. That way you can extend the living space to the outdoors.

These park model homes are all inspected and approved with a 15 Month Full Warranty. The builders also include R-22 roof insulation, R-11 floor insulation, and R-11 wall insulation to make sure that the temperature within the home stays regulated. The shingles on the roof are 25-year shingles that will last a while. And the siding is vinyl siding which will also last. All of the plumbing and electrical work is included in the park model as well so all people really have to do is move their own belongings in and start enjoying their new home or vacation home. Many people use park models as vacation homes while others enjoy living in them full-time. It all just depends on the rules and regulations of building codes where you live since some places only permit homes over 400 square feet as permanent residences. Although, this one is close at 399 square feet, so it might just make it. Would you live in one of these park models full-time or would you use it as a recreational property?

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