The Swiftwater Log Home Is Compact Yet Comfortable

Have a look at the amazing Swiftwater log house from Coventry log homes. Coventry Log Homes supplies their customers with everything that is needed to build a lovely home in their building packages. The packages are created in their warehouse where everything is quality assured and monitored and they offer a few different options as far as packages go, but the Complete log home building package is their most popular option since it includes the most materials. The Complete packages include the floor system, the wall building system, the loft system, the interior wall system, the interior and exterior doors, as well as the roof system, is also included in the package, as well as the windows for the log home. All of the modules are ready to be assembled by following the instructions in the package once it arrives on the building site.

The Swiftwater log home is a beautiful log home model that would be perfect for full-time use, or as a recreational home. The stunning cathedral ceilings give the home such a beautiful look on the inside, providing plenty of space to add in windows. The windows shown on the Swiftwater model expand to the ceiling opening up the living room to amazing views and tons of natural light. The porch is another beautiful feature and is located on the front of the log home, but there is also another deck on the back of the log home too. The Swiftwater log home floor plan is a total of 1,140 square feet and has two bedrooms and one bathroom plus there is a loft above the main living area, which could also be great for a sleeping area or could be used as extra storage space or a fun hang out area.

The open concept kitchen area and living room area is perfect for everyday use and entertaining purposes as well. The photos of the Swiftwater home show that the interior walls are flat using D shaped logs where one side of the log is round, on the outside, and the other side is flat on the inside. This gives the interior of the home gorgeous wooden glow, without the curved log shape, making it easier to hang pictures and to arrange furniture. A fireplace would be an excellent addition in the living room, especially if it were built out of stone, but a freestanding fireplace can also be added in. The logs retain so much of the heat from the fireplace that it could heat the entire house.

Logs are well known for having wonderful insulation qualities that are a natural part of their structure. The logs have a very high thermal mass meaning that they are able to keep the temperature inside a log home very warm in the winter and very cool in the summer. Trees have an intelligent natural system built within them that exceeds the human-made types of insulation when they are used to their full advantages. The logs also have a water and moisture barrier that helps to keep the log home dry and free from mould or mildew. When you see just how beautiful this Swiftwater log home is you will be inspired. Make sure you take a look at some of the other amazing log home models on Coventry Log Homes website. They have many different sizes, floor plans and styles that you are able to browse through to get more information and inspiration on log homes. These are the types of homes that will last for a lifetime, creating a safe, reliable place to enjoy life to the fullest.

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