A Truly Beautiful Custom Log Home by Golden Eagle Log Homes

Have a look at this majestic Northern Eagle log home, one of the incredible log home plans from Golden Eagle Log Homes. When you think of how people used to build log homes when North American was first being settled by the Europeans, they had to individually go out and cut down the logs that they would build their homes out of. Then they had to treat them, dry them and hand craft them to be able to fit together correctly to create the walls of the home. Then, the building process would require some heavy lifting and stacking of the logs. Can you imagine having to do all of that work? Golden Eagle Log Homes makes the whole log home building process as easy as possible and caters to their customer's needs.

The Northern Eagle Log Home is 1,986 square feet of space that is spread out over two floors. The majority of the living space is on the main floor, and there is a loft space on the upper floor as well, making some nice extra room for a sleeping area or for storage. The master bedroom is tucked at the back of the log home, maintaining some excellent privacy, and has its own lovely en-suite bathroom complete with a bathtub and a separate shower stall. There is also a smaller bathroom that also has a shower in it for an additional bathroom for the home dwellers and for guest use as well. The living room is spacious and wide open and includes the dining room and kitchen area as a flowing, open concept space. There is a perfect spot for a fireplace in the living room as well, which is ideal for keeping the log home warm on cooler days and nights.

A gorgeous feature wall of windows graces the front profile of the log home, making a stylish statement as well as lending to function since the windows bring in the amazing surrounding views of nature, as well as letting in the natural sunlight. Windows are an excellent addition to any log home, large or small. The floor plan you see here also includes a small deck on the side of the house, but since the house, in this case, is placed on the ground, all of their outdoor lounging space is right out the back door. If the landscaping were different, the design could perhaps allow for an elevated deck or patio, but it could be worked out in the design process. Like many other log home building companies, Golden Eagle Log Homes has a few different options when it comes to the packages they offer. You can purchase the Shell, and gradually work on completing the log home, or, the whole Complete Package that has all of the materials needed to build the log home.

Log homes can be built easily and efficiently with the help of a log home building company and log home package. With Golden Eagle Log Homes one can create their own log home plan from scratch that is unique. Golden Eagle Log Homes actually provides a log home planning book on their website that will help to guide you through the log home planning process so that you cover everything. Log home building can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be such an arduous process when you take the help that is out there.

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