The Owners Found Everything They Were Looking for in Yankee Barn

This Somerset barn-style vacation home is nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains of New York state. The owners found everything they were looking for in Yankee Barn with the traditional values of post and beams, the character, easy to customize, open flowing spaces, and tons of windows. This barn home design plan features 3,941 square feet of post and beams living space, 4 bedrooms, and 3.5 baths.

Yankee Barn Homes has been designing and building stunning post and beam barn-style homes for over 52 years. You’ll find a blend of traditional and contemporary design in their sample barn home floor plans. Yankee Barn Homes are flexible in design. You can choose features you like from different sample plans or create your vision from the ground up. Either way, Yankee Barn’s expert staff will make your dream home become a reality.

When you build with Yankee Barn, you will work with their talented Yankee Barn Home Design Team to develop the perfect barn-style home for you. You will learn how their kiln-dried Douglas fir post and beam frame allow for an adaptable interior space. You choose how much timber to use, where you want it, and how you’d like your new barn-style home to look and feel. Yankee Barn is a true custom design company, therefore you are integral to the design process. The Yankee Barn Home design team welcomes all your ideas and will work side by side with you to create a unique plan particular to you. If you are looking for a post and beam barn-style home to customize and make your own, Yankee Barn Homes is the company for you. The following are just a few of the features of Yankee Barn Homes.

Post and Beam Construction. The post-and-beam half-lap joinery system the company uses is over 1,000 years old and is known for great strength and ease of fabrication and assembly. In contrast to traditional building methods, the versatile panel construction allows open volumes of space and infinite room configurations.

Sustainability of a Yankee Barn Home. A Yankee Barn home is a good fit for those who seek to build an energy-efficient green building with a small environmental footprint. A Yankee Barn home is an energy-efficient structure built with sustainably produced materials by a company that values environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Materials. Yankee Barn Homes takes quality and sustainability into account when selecting the building materials to be used in their Shell Packages. Only the best building materials with the smallest environmental footprint become key components of their homes. Their new Douglas fir timbers are sourced from members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The polyisocyanurate insulation in a Yankee Barn Homes Shell Package is much better for the environment than polystyrene, the common alternative. Polystyrene contains a particular type of hydrofluorocarbon that is 1,430 times a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It would take 65 years of greenhouse gases saved by this insulation to offset the damage this hydrofluorocarbon does. It only takes 2.7 years to offset the greenhouse gases emitted during the production of polyisocyanurate.

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