This Silo Barn Home Is The Ultimate Countryside Getaway

This silo barn-style house located in Independence, Virginia, United States is like nothing you've seen before. This silo barn is one of the coolest locations you never knew existed. You can stay at the top of a Silo, a barn-style home that was finished in November 2018. The owners have been renovating this old 1950’s dairy barn/silo since 2013. The Silo has 4 floors and the top 2 are yours during your vacation stay. There is a living room on the third floor (and bathroom) and a bedroom at the very top with windows all around and a 360-degree view. Also your private deck off the bedroom.

The owners bought and have been renovating an old dairy barn since 2013. They had a goal to renovate the attached silo into a beautiful place guests could come and enjoy. The silo itself is 4 stories. The top two floors are your living spaces. A living room and a private bathroom with a bedroom on top. The rooms are circular, the original shape of the silo. The bedroom has windows that go all the way around the top for a stunning 360-degree view of the mountains and valley. It is a vacation experience you will never forget. The owners have also created a little game for their Silo guests. Upon arrival, they will give you clues to a secret compartment in the Silo. The husband is a master cabinet maker and creates the most unique secret compartments. When you discover it, there is a special gift for you to take home. The Silo is for 2 guests only, with no children allowed under 12 years of age.

The couple's son documented the renovations of the Silo so if you are interested you can see the 10 videos of this amazing renovation on youtube. (search for Dream Rock Silo). Breakfast at this vacation rental is not included, however, there is a screened-full kitchen for you to use anytime. This is a shared space. The outdoor kitchen is closed from November to April due to weather conditions but there are restaurants in town. This is a tall Silo. There are 15 steps to the entrance ( living area) and 12 more interior steps to the bedroom.

There are also 2 other suites available on the property to include the Creekside Bungalow which sleeps 4, and the Rustic Rooster Room which sleeps 6. Guests of the vacation property can access the garden, beautiful grounds, and creek. Fresh eggs are available when chickens are laying. You'll want to note that the owners have 3 very friendly dogs. They have Folger, (the husky), Maxwell House, (German Shepherd), and Joe (German Shepherd puppy). They also have 3 cats and they all love having guests. On the property, there is also a coop full of chickens. They also have Silky chickens, these are the ones that are fluffy on their feet and heads. Cell phone service is minimal here as the property is in the valley of the mountains.

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