Teewah 7.2 Is The Most Popular Tiny House for Families

The Teewah 7.2 is Aussie Tiny Houses' most popular tiny house for families. The tiny house on wheels is complete with 2 queen-size lofts which are accessed via storage stairs and a ladder. The bathroom is spacious and designed for the whole family. The tiny house is well-appointed with a shower, toilet, vanity and under bench space for a washing machine. The kitchen however is where this tiny house excels. It has a 2.7-meter long benchtop, where there is plenty of room for preparing and eating healthy, delicious meals. The kitchen has the option to add a pull-out pantry and a beautiful large bi-folding window along the length of the area, bringing the outside in and vice versa. The lounge area has room for a three-seater couch or sofa bed, ideal for lounging, relaxing, and contemplating the day ahead. With double lofts and plentiful storage, the Teewah 7.2 is the perfect family tiny house. Aussie Tiny Houses are located in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia.

All of the tiny houses with Aussie Tiny Houses are insulated. They use Earthwool Insulation bats R3.5 on walls and a double layer in the roof. They also offer insulated SMART glass and double glazed windows at an additional cost, which greatly minimizes the energy needed for heating and cooling. If you require insulation under the floor this is also an option and can be upgraded to all the tiny house models and designs.

Aussie Tiny Houses also offer off-grid options. They have many Off-grid solutions to add to your tiny house design. They offer full off-grid solar system packages that are designed to run your entire tiny house (not only lights) including even air-con systems, a variety of composting toilet options, gas water heating systems and gas appliances, rainwater storage tanks, pumps, greywater systems, and water filters.

You'll want to note that the photos and virtual tour published for the Teewah 7.2 model may have had some upgrades added. You'll want to get in touch to get standard inclusion information. All of the deckings and other external structures for their standard models are not included in the price and were either built by the client or a local builder arranged by the customer after delivery.

There are two main reasons why tiny houses are built on wheels. Firstly is because when built on wheels it does not require a building permit as it is classified as a vehicle, therefore it falls under the same regulation as caravans. Secondly is movability as a lot of tiny homeowners enjoy the idea of not being tied down and being able to move their house around. As for where to park your tiny house, having your property would be the best solution. However, there are more economical options to park your tiny house. Some people rent out their driveways or backyards to people with caravans or tiny houses. Since Aussie Tiny Houses are built on trailers and meet the regulations that apply to caravans, most caravan parks are available to park in as well as many tiny house communities popping up all around the country.

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