Superb Log Home From Red Canadian Cedar

The Viking is a log house in Russia built from Western Red Cedar. The stunning log house was sold from Red Cedar by a world-class Canadian company with the participation of the owner's Russian partners, who installed and finalized the house in Russia. This is not the first time the builders have cooperated with Canadians. Western Red Cedar log houses look more expensive, the wood itself has a different shade and plasticity, and you do not need to wait for the log house to shrink. All of this makes Red Cedar log houses interesting for Russian customers who want to have a premium-level house.

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When it comes to log houses, Western Red Cedar is a popular choice of wood to use. There are several benefits to building with Western Red Cedar, and its unsurpassed natural beauty is just one reason. Aesthetically, Red Cedar is a naturally stunning building material that has deep, tonal properties that help to accentuate the richly textured wood grains and the exposed heartwood. People have been using Western Red Cedar for hundreds, and it's no wonder with its proven performance. It is a wood that is environmentally friendly, naturally resistant to both decay and insects.

When used in log houses it accepts a wide variety of finishes. And the best part about building with wood is that it comes from renewable resources. It is both pitch and resin-free, which means that this wood can hold a variety of finishes to include semi-transparent stains, traditional solid colors, shabby chic bleaches, naturally beautiful semi-transparent, and elegant dark stains. Western Red Cedar is also incredibly durable and will prove to keep your log cabin building attractive for years to come.

Western Red Cedar has twice the stability of other popular conifers. Red cedar maintains its original dimensions when the wood is subjected to weather fluctuations and can resist twisting, cupping, and warping. It also has an extremely high thermal coefficient. Red Cedar is a wood that outperforms other softwoods as well as concrete, steel, and bricks in terms of its thermal insulation and its sound control. That means log cabins will insulate better in the winter but remain cooler in the warm summer months. It has a natural resistance to heat loss, with radiant comfort from its thermal mass and reduced energy consumption because of the high quality of this natural building material. These factors along with many others are what contribute to an outstanding log cabin building that is environmentally friendly.

And from a sustainability point of view, Red Cedar is superior to synthetic building materials in every way. It is a building material that helps to remove greenhouse gases from the environment as opposed to other building materials that produce greenhouse gases. It is a renewable, biodegradable building product that is sourced from some of the most sustainable forests in the world. Western Red Cedar is a building material that offers unique, natural performance characteristics and has exceptional beauty that can bring a certain warmth, character, and longevity to your log cabin building.

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