Stunning Three Story Post And Beam Log House In New Zealand

Log houses are an amazing style of home design, they fit in perfectly with a variety of landscapes, from mountainsides, forests, riversides, to the lake. Log houses just seem to be a natural extension of the environment. Log houses come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, and can be rustic to modern, or a little bit of both. This luxury log cabin takes log house living to a new level with a stunning three-story design with fjord views. The luxury log cabin is located in Te-Anau, Southland, New Zealand, and makes beautiful use of logs, wood and stone, combining perfectly with its spectacular mountain views.

The luxury log cabin is large with 7534 square feet of living space, with a location that is just as stunning as the log house itself, with amazing views of the Fiordland. Inside this luxury log cabin, there are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stone fireplaces, log stairs, an elevator, a loft, two living spaces, spread out over three floors. The luxury log house is log post and beam, some of the logs used in this log house are up to 45 feet long, some of the post used is three stories tall, with lots of stonework and windows throughout, this log home is an inspiration. Log post and beam creates the main structure of this luxury log house. The space in between the posts is filled with conventional framing and aluminum joinery. Some of the logs used on this house are up to 45 feet long, and some posts are three stories tall.

This luxury log cabin is an excellent example of post and beam log house construction, and would make a beautiful home for full time living or for use as a vacation home to enjoy with family and friends. You can see log posts used throughout this stunning design. Log posts make a great complement to verandahs and mezzanine floor supports along with roof system supports. Log posts look stunning in a log house build, and when you use logs, they are there for everyone to enjoy for the life of the log house design. Handcrafted logs are the most desirable style of logs for log house designs, and they are well worth the investment if you can add them to your home. You'll even find logs in some log house designs that use hand-carved logs that still have their cleaned up root balls still intact which is an appealing look. Logs can also be used in two, and three story builds for the log floor joists or floor supported by log floor joists, which are carefully notched into the log shell walls also and cut flat to take the conventional joists and flooring.

Log overhangs. You'll want to take a look at different log house projects, as you will see log houses with different types of overhangs on the corners, and this is something that you can also choose from traditional staggered chisel log ends, to smooth curves, to straight clean lines. The corner notches make your log house very strong. Before you build your log house, you will want to look at different log house designs and get an idea of what sort of design you would like.

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