Beautifully Handcrafted Log Homes

Take a look at these beautifully handcrafted log house designs from The Original Log Cabin Homes. This log home has enough space between its three floors for comfortable living. The main floor with its stone fireplace is perfect for cold nights, the upstairs with its gable dormers provides plenty of sleeping space, and downstairs you have a full sized basement with a TV or rec room for the family to enjoy movie nights and to relax. The outdoor wraparound covered patio extends the interior space outdoors and offers a great place for entertaining and relaxing on warm days. The tone of the logs is a beautiful golden colour that combines well with the light colour of the stonework all around the log home. You could choose to live in this beautiful location all year round, or just spend vacation time and holidays at this log home retreat.

One of the reasons people love wood cabins so much is their combination of simplicity, beauty, and quality natural building materials. Natural building materials that you can see when you look at the log home, each log unique with its character and beauty. Using logs to build your home design is a good choice environmentally, aesthetically and for your health. Original Log Homes uses traditional log home concepts which are combined with state-of-the-art technology and techniques in all of their log home designs, bringing together the best of old and new in a wide variety of log homes that are comfortable, and affordable. The use of more wood for home construction is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment.

Trees are an excellent renewable resource that helps to reduce greenhouse gasses and stores carbons. When you use trees from a healthy sustainable forest, you are using is a readily available solution that can help with climate change. On the average, an acre of healthy growing forest is known to absorb approximately three tons of carbon dioxide, and then release about two tons of oxygen. As growth slows and the tree ages, fewer carbons are absorbed. When you use logs in a wood cabin build, you are using a natural building material that is safe and healthy to breathe in.

This is just one of the log homes you will find on The Original Log Cabins Homes site. The company started in 1987 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with one goal in mind, and that was to manufacture the best log cabins in the world. They have come a long way in the company, combining the log home traditions of the past with the modern technology of today, making for beautiful log cabin buildings that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The company uses computer-assisted log home design and manufacturing processes to make it easy to create a variety of log homes to most suit any style.

Log cabins have a long history of the American frontier starting out as basic shelter, built with the tools and building materials that were available at the time. It was a simple solution to the bare necessities needed at the time. Those rustic hand-hewn log cabins of the past have come a long way. Original Log Cabin Homes has a wide variety of log house designs to fit most any lifestyle or aesthetic sensibility. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of person or ready to work with a log cabin builder to realize your dream, Original Log Cabin Homes is a good place to start.

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