See This Impressive Log Home With Floor Plans

You'll fall in love with the Volga Bathhouse in the Tver region of Russia. The impressive log cabin has 1,582 square feet of space and is built out of Altai cedar. The log house has visible rafter beams, handmade doors, solid cedar floorboard, artificial aging of logs, handmade kitchen and furniture, and cedar shelves. There are several advantages of building a log home with Altai cedar to include it is thought to strengthen immunity because of the cedar phytoncides which are said to strengthen immunity, slow down body aging, destroy harmful microorganisms. Another benefit is that Altai Cedar is 32 percent stronger than cedar in other regions of the Russian Federation. These trees grow in difficult climatic conditions and have a density that is 10 percent higher at the rate of annual rings per 1 centimeter.

Living in a log home built out of cedar is thought to help relieve fatigue, and boost energy. Living in a cedar house is thought to help build strength, fatigue disappears, and when the moon rises, night sleep becomes strong. Cedar is 1.57 times warmer than pine. The minimum diameter of the cedar log house is 34 centimeters in the Moscow region against 54 centimeters for a pine log house according to the thermal calculation. Altai cedar has minimum cracks after shrinkage. Due to physical and mechanical properties and special structure at the cellular level cedar maintains optimal humidity.

Canadian technology uses round logs, but despite its similarity to Russian technology, it differs in the shape of the bowl. Shrinkage is between 8 to 10 percent. With shrinkage, the diameter of the log decreases, and the parameters of the bowl change slightly. The log homes with Kedrovdom have no cracks, as the absence of gaps between the crowns is achieved by using the correct inside in the grooves. The presence of a trapezoidal bowl protects the corners of the log house from gaps after shrinkage and shrinkage of logs.

Building a log house with cedar offers several benefits to include that it’s a highly revered, durable wood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks. Almost anything you build with it will last longer and require less maintenance. Aesthetically, there is no substitute for the natural beauty of cedar. Cedar has a natural resistance to heat loss with radiant comfort from the log’s thermal mass and reduced energy consumption because of its tight, precise, consistent, building design system. It is known as an excellent thermal insulator, keeping your log house cool in the summer and warm in the colder winter months. These features along with many others, contribute to an outstanding log house that is environmentally friendly.

Cedar when used as a building material can be recycled and reused. The bark can be used to create bark mulch and the off-cuts for carvings, furniture, crafts, and other household items. Using cedar is a responsible option when considering environmental sustainability. This is because a log cabin building that incorporates good design and maintenance will easily last for several generations, many log homes are still in service 60 and more years after construction.

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