Amazing Log Home in Pennsylvania, Check This Out!

The Woodlawn log home is just one of the floor plans available from Hochstetler log homes. The original Woodlawn log home floor plan has 1,750 square feet of space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This modified Woodlawn floor plan is a beautiful log home located in Pennsylvania, with a covered wrap-around front porch, dormers, three stories of living space, a stone fireplace, an open floor plan, and so much more. This log cabin is a good size for a family vacation retreat or full-time living. Hochstetler log homes offer one of the highest quality and value combinations in the log home market. One benefit of these log homes is that you are buying mill direct. Since you are buying directly from the manufacturer you are getting more for your money.

There are plenty of benefits to log cabin living. For starters, log home designs when properly built are known for their energy efficiency. Log cabin designs have come a long way, and unlike log houses of the past, log cabins today are highly energy efficient. Years ago logs were installed onto log homes green with the facing side hewn and the top and bottom natural round logs. Chinking of log cabins was made with clay, mud, and straw, which was often as wide as the logs themselves, and was mortared in-between the logs. With constant temperature changes that involved freezing and thawing and the logs drying caused the logs to shrink and twist making them inflexible, mortar-like chinking crack and pull away from the logs, creating large gaps and therefore, drafts. This made for a cold log cabin in the winter. This is why people wrongly assume log houses to be cold and drafty.

However, today with modern technology and know-how the logs are not only air-dried but also kiln-dried before they are milled for log home building, because of this there is very little shrinkage or movement after the logs are put into place. Unlike the past, logs are now screwed together with long 1⁄4 inch screws every 30 inches or more, and on top of that, the logs are tongue and grooved with a continuous double gasket system. The tongue and groove keep the logs aligned while the long screws hold them snug on top of each other and the expandable gasket assures that they stay tightly sealed so that no air can come through.

Another bonus of log homes is that there are a lot fewer chemicals used in log house buildings. While you can’t practically eliminate all chemicals in building a home, a log cabin does greatly reduce the number of chemicals you and your family get exposed to. Log cabin buildings are made of natural wood. The logs themselves don’t outgas, they have little to no chemicals unless pressure treated, no formaldehyde, and no fumes in the air. The finish used on the inside of the logs, which is normally water-based, with zero VOC’s is probably the chief if any concern that one would have.

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