Rustic Log Home In The Forest

Now here is a uniquely rustic log house in a very cozy setting. Plus, it has an awe-inspiring interior for a rustic log cabin. The log house we see here is very basic and rustic, which would be perfect for small log cabin vacation home. This is an opportunity to have 1/3 ownership of the log cabin for 17 weeks per year. So it's a chance to have a vacation share with other people to be able to enjoy a 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath vacation log home. The cabin is located on 5 acres of forested land in the private location of Parkdale. It also backs out onto forest land where you could hike to your heart's content. The interior of the cabin features vaulted ceilings with a mezzanine. There's also a charming wood stove, double wall ovens, and an in-deck hot tub. There's also a BBQ for cookouts, all major appliances, some electric baseboard heat throughout, a large front porch, a 20 foot by 15-foot storage shed and more. The cabin is able to sleep 11 people or more depending on what your needs are. So this would be a great property for anyone with a larger family or a group of people coming together.

The partners sharing the property will get 17 weeks per year, and that rotates every third week. The holidays rotate as well so each person can have a holiday in the cabin which is really nice. The utilities will be $250.00 per month, and that includes all of the utilities, taxes, firewood, a snowplow, the maintenance and more. The cabin is located in Mount Hood, Oregon so it's the perfect place for skiing and snowboarding in the winter as well as fishing, kayaking, hiking and more in the summer. You only have to drive 15 miles to Mount Hood Meadows or 15 miles to Hood River.

The exterior looks warm and inviting, which is just what you would expect from a log house. The beautiful logs are stacked perfectly, creating the strong and sturdy walls of the log house, and the beautifully handcrafted wood door adds so much to the exterior design. Inside the house, the first thing you'll probably notice are the beautiful log beams that create the roof. Right at the front of the house are the living room and kitchen area, which are quite spacious and large. It's a very rustic style of decor which is perfect for a log cabin in the woods. The kitchen features new appliances to cook delicious meals with and store food. The cabinets are made out of beautiful wood and are probably the original cabinets.

The bathroom is pretty basic but includes a bath and shower as well as a sink and vanity and a flush toilet. So there's no outhouse at this cabin which is great. The bedrooms are super spacious and really cozy with soft lighting and lots of natural light from the windows. There's even a washer and dryer for doing laundry during longer stays. This would be an awesome log cabin to go in on with the other people involved and a chance to have a log cabin to call your home away from home without having to pay full price for a log cabin. You won't have to worry about the maintenance either since that is all taken care of. All you have to do is show up with your family and your belongings you'll need for your vacation. Would you enjoy having a cabin share like this?

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