The Integrity Uses Large Logs for Cozy Log Home Living

The Integrity log cabin building showcases quality log home design. The log house from Log Homes Canada is built with Western Red Cedar logs that average 14 inches in diameter, with beautifully handcrafted construction that can't be beaten. The Integrity log house has the main floor that has 1,885 square feet of space and an upstairs loft with 200 square feet for a total of 2,085 square feet of space, which makes this floor plan just the right size for a small family or couple. The log house has two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. The straightforward log house design is made impressive by the sheer size of each Western Red Cedar log that comprises the log home, with special attention to detail in the precision log house joinery. In the handcrafting log house process, the shape of the top of each Western Red Cedar log is perfectly scribed and then cut by hand with a chainsaw into the bottom of the cedar log of the next course, to help create a tight fit. The log house builders also install a gasket and insulation in that cavity, too.

The client of this particular log house design discovered Log Homes Canada log housebuilders at a Log and Timber Home Show in Atlanta. After the initial meeting, the log house builders went to the owner's property in the Blue Ridge to inspect his lakefront building lot. The log house building site was challenging in terms of how they were going to deliver the extra-large logs for the log house design, but with a little ingenuity, the issues were solved and the stunning home got underway.

With the Western Red Cedar logs erected, it was time to add the finishing building materials that give this log house so much of its beautiful character. Poplar bark encases the exterior gable that is found above the two-car garage and the adjoining shed dormer that contains a bonus bedroom that the owner added later. Simple, textured architectural shingles cover the log house roof, which allows for the stately truss system to stand out. The high level of custom detail continues inside, most prominently in the log house arch that is located between the living and the dining areas. The log house client wanted to create some separation between the two rooms with an arch, and he wanted the log house builders to dress it up a bit, so they hand-carved this decorative relief. The master bedroom in the log home boasts an interior awning, which is clad in the same bark as the exterior of the log house and complete with built-in reading lights, above the master bedroom bed.

The log house owner was so happy with the log house results he turned from private client to a general contractor and has now built 15 Log Homes Canada log houses throughout the United States and Mexico. Everything about this log house design stands out, from the large logs used throughout, to the log railings, curved archway and custom kitchen. Truly a log house design to be admired.

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