Pyramidal Lake House With A Glass Top. Cool Home, More Details On The Link Below

It may not be in Egypt, and it may not even be a full-on Pyramid, but this home has some incredible features that set it apart from the rest. While the entire home may not be a pyramid, the top of the home is creating a very unique shape and design. The home is built in Finland on the shore of a lake, designed by Paolo Caravello of VOID Architecture. The design was meant to bridge the divide between housing and nature so that the two could exist harmoniously and play off of one another. The majority of the home is built from wood using timber and spruce planks. Then it takes on a geometric shape with the glass observatory style roof on the top. This was a design choice that was made early on, to create a pyramid shape for the design. Part of the roof is also covered in regular shingles to support the functions of a roof. The base of the home may be square, but there are also extensions emerging from the sides of the home which create a barely visible pyramid shape that extends out onto the surrounding deck also creating some nice little nooks to sit. The entire front face of the building is also covered in windows and sliding doors which offers a seamless flow from the inside to outside.

Inside, the home features a wide open living space with high ceilings thanks to the pyramid design. The interesting floor plan includes the living room on the lowest part of the floor with a few steps leading up to another landing where the TV is as well as the kitchen a few steps over. The kitchen includes cabinets and a sink with all of the usual amenities of a modern day kitchen. Then the living room features large comfortable furniture and a fireplace with a foosball table for some fun. A spiral staircase leads up to the bedroom and bathroom upstairs. From up there, the views from the pyramid skylight can be taken in. Perfect for stargazing at night or cloud watching during the day. Views of the surrounding area can also be seen from the pyramid windows since they are extended far enough down to see out of them from the sides. Another bedroom and bathroom are on the main floor, and the home has 1,345 square feet in total with three floors. There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sauna inside too.

The home is also very techy too with systems that are connected to internet providing remote control access to the heating and lighting. Besides the stone-lined wood fireplace, they also installed in floor heating which keeps the space nice and warm throughout. The lighting and heating are both designed to be , and the design of the home is optimized to allow light and warmth from the sun to heat the house on cooler days but then to also protect it from the sun on hot days. The construction on the home started in 2015 and was finished recently. This would make a great vacation home out by the lake or a permanent home for someone who doesn't mind living smaller. The exact location of the home is Lake Päijänne, in the Municipality of Sysmä in Finland and the owner loves the design that Void Studio was able to come up with for their home. Especially since there were tight space constraints that limited the size of the home. It's pretty incredible to see some of the latest designs and housing technology that continues to be created by talented architects and designers all around the world.

More about this story can be found at: Studio Void

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