The Living Vehicle: A Standard for Mobile Living

This modern and stylish way of mobile living is beautiful inside and out. After nearly a decade of living inside mobile spaces, co-founders Matthew and Joanna Hofmann could not find a housing option that offered the couple the freedom to live the life that they wanted. They recognized the benefits of leading an intentional yet simple lifestyle but were also disillusioned by the industry that was not designed to support the needs of its mobile living customers. The Living Vehicle combines the value of complete mobility with all the comforts of a modern home, allowing you to pursue the experiences that are most important to you. They believe that customer care is essential to the lifestyle that their product offers and are committed to providing excellent support throughout the Living Vehicle experience.

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Some of the features you will find in the Living Vehicle include open spaces. The LV lets you enjoy a fluid connection to the outdoors. With oversized windows, skylights, and an eight-foot sliding glass door that allows you to experience the beauty of nature all inside the comfort of your home. A spa style bathroom.

The bathroom provides a luxurious bathing experience with a spacious feel; the spa-style bathroom is your private sanctuary to relax and unwind. The spa-style bathroom has locally-sourced Black Locust wood that lines the shower, a heated towel bar to provide radiant warmth, and a large skylight that lets in natural light. A chef's kitchen. The chef's kitchen where you prepare your home cooked meals for friends and family is nice and spacious. This space has a three burner propane stove, a convection microwave oven along with a six-drawer full-height pantry. The Living Vehicle is a high-demand luxury vehicle with each unit being made to order. All of the features are included for $149,995 with upgrade options available.

The Live Series was designed with off-grid living in mind. The owners knowing first-hand the demands of a mobile lifestyle, created the Live Series to include all of the features and the comforts of home. With massive skylights and windows to create spaces that open up to the outdoor living environment, makes this space user-friendly for both humans and pets. Inside you'll find home appliances to include a washer/dryer combination, a full chef’s kitchen to provide the functionality of a modern house and an internal vacuum system. The Living Vehicle is designed to be used year round.

The Living Vehicle differs from a traditional tiny house in that you are not limited by your location. The Living Vehicle Live Series is designed to be completely off-grid, mobile and is towable with the newer 3/4 ton pickup trucks. The Living Vehicle has self-contained systems such as water tanks, electrical hookups and propane tanks. The Live Series has additional capabilities to help support extended off-grid living. Living Vehicle can be hooked up to traditional RV campground utilities any time. The Live Series is made from high-grade aluminum, as opposed to wood construction of most tiny houses, the Living Vehicle building material composition is lightweight, extremely durable and 100 percent recyclable.

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