Playa Viva Luxury Huts in Mexico Make For The Perfect Vacation Stay

Some people want something a little different when they go on vacation in Mexico. Something a bit more down to earth than staying in a large hotel. This little luxury hut would be the perfect vacation accommodation for the environmentally conscious. The Playa Viva luxury boutique hotel in Mexico is an off-grid hut that's immersed in nature with trees and plant life surrounding it. Located in Juluchuca, Mexico the huts are a bit off the beaten path from the resort life of Zihuatanejo. The retreat offers yoga retreats and interaction with the wild turtle habitat. They also provide their guests with delicious homecooked farm to table meals that they won't soon forget. The Playa Viva Luxury Huts were first developed as an environmentally conscious retreat that aimed to immerse people in nature. It's set on 200 acres of private land that's also a nature preserve, and there is also an Aztec archeological site, and coastal forests teaming with wildlife. Here they've built 12 huts or casitas as they would say in Spanish. Including this bamboo treehouse. All of the buildings are rustic made from all natural materials mixed with modern luxury and fine touches.

The huts are open to the outside world which helps create continuity with nature, but guests can also close the large curtains in their hut for privacy. They're mainly made out of bamboo sticks which cover the exterior, just as you see in this round one. Some of them are also built out of wood too, so it just depends on which unit you get when you book. If you want this specific hut, you can look or ask for the bamboo hut. Inside, they have luxurious king or queen sized beds depending on which unit you're in, with fresh linens and canopy around the beds. There is even a cut out in the floor and a net inserted into the space to create a built-in hammock for guests to lounge in with pillows and blankets. The beds face out toward the ocean so you can have a beautiful view while waking up in the morning, a great way to start the day. For meals which are all included in the stay, they make all of the food from produce that's grown on the land and local farmers. Guests can also go through the gardens and pick their own fresh produce. They really embrace a natural and holistic way of living, so there is yoga, meditation and massage services right on site for people to have the most relaxing experience. Spa services and classes are extra as well as any alcoholic beverages, but otherwise, all food and drinks are included in the price. With a deal like that, it's easy to see why people love this retreat so much.

You can find other restaurants if you wander into town, as well as cafes, galleries and more. You can also check out the local history which is very fascinating including the Aztec sites where there is so much rich history and culture to explore. The hotel is closed from mid-July through October and reopens in November through June so it's a good idea to book ahead if you know you want to stay in one of these huts as they may book up pretty quickly. Wouldn't this be a wonderful place to stay and have a break from the modern world? It would be quite a romantic place to go for a couples vacation, and at only $265 per night, it's also a very reasonable price as well. Would you love to stay in one of these cute huts?

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