Northern Montana Yurt with Free Wifi and Breakfast - Saint Regis, Montana

You'll fall in love with this cozy yurt vacation home located in Saint Regis, Montana, United States. The yurt vacation home can accommodate up to 6 guests, with 2 beds, and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire yurt to yourself. Access to the yurt is self-check-in with a keypad. This is the perfect vacation spot to get away under the stars. The Milky way hangs out right above the yurt. The yurt mixes both metal and wood and has a cozy building cabin feel, perfect for a romantic getaway, a fun family adventure spot, a place to have peace by yourself, or a beautiful spot where friends come to make memories.

The yurt vacation home brings you closer to nature without giving up comfort. The yurt has free wifi, smart TV, and breakfast included. The owners built the yurt in 2013 debt-free to be a tiny home for their tiny growing family. They have great memories as they built it together and with friends, the owner pregnant with her son as she peeled the poles that hold up the roof with friends gathered for a house raising one day. Living in the yurt they had minimal space, so they had minimal things and that constantly drew them outside to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This is a great place to reconnect with family and friends.

Now the Yurt has one queen-sized bed on the main floor, a king-sized bed in the loft, and a queen-sized air mattress. The yurt is set up like a studio apartment, it is open to the kitchen area and the living space. The back area of the yurt includes a washer and dryer with detergent included). The yurt has a full-sized bathroom with a bathtub with shampoo and conditioner included. During your vacation stay, you have 24 access with a keycode. There is 1 security camera on site directed at the parking area. You will be amazed at the amount of space once you step inside. The main living area has comfy furnishings, and the upstairs loft has a skylight. In the colder months, the yurt is heated with a tiny wood stove.

Small house designs can be very energy efficient. Whether you use solar panels or hook your small house design up to a power line, the energy a tiny space needs is much smaller than the energy needs of a standard sized home. Smaller appliances work more efficiently, and a tiny house design uses less power to heat and to cool the air. If you need to connect your small house on wheels to a power source, you’ll still have to pay your electric bill, but it can be about a quarter or less of your traditional sized house’s bill. On top of everything you that you are saving on your mortgage, just think about all the trips you can go on with the money you’ll be saving.

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