130 Sqft Teeny Tiny Getaway In Knoxville, Tennessee

You are sure to be surprised when you take a closer look at this tiny house design located in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. The 130 square foot tiny house design can accommodate up to 2 guests with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny house to yourself. Access to the tiny house is self-check-in with a lockbox. This Knoxville tiny house is conveniently located, great for a relaxing, peaceful vacation stay. Guests to the tiny house have access to R.Y.Eā€™s Gym/Yoga room upon request. Guests also have complete access to the back yard, back porch, horseshoes, fire pit, and much more.

This tiny house is sure to make you fall in love with small house living. The tiny house from the outside is nicely finished with white painted wood, wood shutters, a wooden flower box, and a patio. Once inside the cozy tiny house doesn't disappoint with a cute tiny kitchen with a sink, tiny fridge, and toaster oven/coffee maker, perfect for preparing simple items to eat and drink. There are plenty of windows to let in the natural light. To get up to the loft there is a ladder, the bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower. There is a fire pit with plenty of seating to enjoy a lovely evening while looking up at the stars. The tiny house is surrounded by forest providing a nice spot to destress and relax in this charming tiny house design.

Downsizing into a tiny house design is an option that seems to be on people's minds these days. And as is the case with any sort of lifestyle change there are things that you learn along the way. Small house living is a good way to downsize the space you live in, along with all the stuff that you own. Maybe you are retired and want to downsize, and plan to travel more. Or small house living is something you will use as a vacation home, a place to get away. Whatever the reason for small house living, there are many things you can do, to make a tiny house design work for you, along with important lessons that can apply no matter the size of your home.

It's not how much space you have, but how you use that space. Although there is certainly something to be said about big open floor plans and wall spaces in a standard-sized home, seeing how small house living squeezes out of every inch of a tiny house is inspiring. It's a good reminder that you can live in a standard-sized house and still be riddled with clutter and disorganization or have room layouts that simply don't work for you. To mentally prepare for small house living, it's a good idea to focus on communication. Talk first about what you need in terms of storage and make sure you are prepared before you make a move. You'll want to remember that you can't have everything. Before making a move to a tiny house, you are going to have to go through your stuff and let some of it go.

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