Modern Firetower Chalet With Majestic Views in Pennsylvania

You'll want to take a look inside this stunning modern fire tower cabin building complete with majestic views all around. The fire tower cabin is located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, United States and can accommodate up to 4 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. This fire tower vacation rental is a great way to escape life and experience a unique vacation that is contemporary style coupled with the simplicity of nature all around. The fire tower cabin building is conveniently located just one mile from the town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with just a short drive to Knoebels park. This wood cabin is off the beaten path with a unique style that is designed to keep you unplugged and energized. You can relax upstairs in the bedroom that overlooks nature, with a downstairs perfect to unwind in total modern comfort with a fully stocked kitchen.

The fire tower vacation rental was inspired by the fire towers out west. You can spend quality time in the fire tower cabin while enjoying the great outdoors. This newly built cabin building retreat offers a rustic setting with modern luxury. Two stories offer privacy for a one of a kind getaway or enjoy some family time while being immersed in nature. The wood cabin has a wrap-around deck on the second floor that lets you fully explore the surroundings. There are a full kitchen and a well-appointed bathroom that make this very wood cabin very functional and cozy. Outside there is a stone patio and white birch trees that make for memorable meals and together time. There are outdoor trails that offer wonderful hikes, and later on, you can unwind near the fire pit in the evenings. The property is a very private 60-acre farm.

During your vacation stay, you'll have access to all of the 60 plus acres of property to include an active tree farm. There are gentle hills with diverse terrain and miles of private wooded trails perfect for biking, hiking, or cross country skiing. All Pennsylvania wildlife is active on the property to include bear, deer, and Turkey. You'll enjoy the natural surroundings of the beautiful Susquehanna Valley. Hike along the trails and see the river 400 feet below all while on private land. The cabin building is secluded and you will feel like you are staying in a remote destination yet you are only minutes from everything. The cabin building is accessed at 97 river hill drive at the small white farmhouse that has a green metal roof.

This is a very unique vacation property that was built in 2016 that was inspired by the historic west coast fire towers. The two-story cabin is compact and environmentally friendly living. There is a stairway that leads to the master bedroom on the top floor. It is recommended that you have an all-wheel or 4 wheel drive to access the property as it is very secluded. However, most times of the year cars are just fine.

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