Live Edge Furniture Creation: How They Do It

There is nothing quite like the beauty of live edge log cabin furniture; you get to enjoy the grain and the unique character of the wood in different pieces of furniture. This type of rustic cabin furniture works great for table tops, kitchen islands, sideboards, and buffets. This short video tutorial on making your live edge table rustic cabin furniture goes to show just how it can be done. This is the type of log cabin furniture that you will want to make carefully as using a portable Alaskan sawmill can be dangerous.

To start this type of log furniture, you will first off need the right log to cut, and of course, you'll need your Alaskan sawmill. Then for this DIY projects, you will need a cut piece of wood to place on top of the log to use as your guide. The piece of wood can be drilled in two spots of the log to secure, just make sure that the screws that you use are small enough that they won't interfere when you are cutting your log wood furniture. Then using the piece of wood as your guide, you will use the Alaskan sawmill to carefully and slowly cut through the top of the log. When using an Alaskan sawmill for log wood furniture, you want to make sure and practice safety with a hard hat, sound ear protection and always work with a second person. You want to work with a second person just in case any accidents happen while you are making your rustic cabin furniture, that way you always have someone keeping an extra eye on you. Once you are finished cutting your live edge piece of DIY projects, you can unscrew the wood guide off the top, and then determine the things to make out of wood that you will use the live edge wood for.

Log Furniture is a style and type of log furniture that incorporates the use of whole logs and branches in its furniture design. Log furniture is often very strong and long-lasting, depending on the type of building methods used. Rustic wood furniture, log furniture and reclaimed wooden furniture have increased in popularity over the years. You will find a variety of log furniture style and decor available for people wanting to furnish their mountain cabins, wood cabins country homes or log cabins. You will also find more inexpensive lines of wood furniture that are typically machine milled and then massed produced which helps to reduce the price.

For shoppers who are looking for more unique pieces of wood furniture, they may opt for the more expensive collections of handcrafted one of a kind log wood furniture. And while you will pay more for handcrafted one of kind log furniture, it is worth the price as you know it will last longer. The nice thing about live edge furniture is that no two pieces of furniture are the same. With live edge furniture, you can add a bit of texture and character to your home, and it looks good in both rustic and modern design styles. It's easy to see why live edge furniture is so popular, and with this video tutorial you can save yourself a bit of money, and have the satisfaction of making your own furniture designs.

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