A DIY Project That Uses a Lemon To Start a Fire

You never know when you are going to be in a situation where you need to start a fire without the conveniences of home. And this DIY idea might just come in handy when you least expect it. There are several reasons you may need to start a fire, whether you are hiking, camping or maybe even in an emergency situation. This easy DIY idea uses lemon to start a fire. The step by step video tutorial on starting a fire is a simple DIY idea that uses inexpensive materials that you might just have on hand. If anything this DIY idea is something you can try with the kids all in the name of science. To start this fun DIY idea and fire starter trick, you will need a lemon, six copper clips, six zinc nails, some wire and some steel wool.

The electricity is generated through the process of oxidation-reduction, which is a chemical reaction that occurs when the zinc dissolves into the acid. For this DIY idea, the lemon itself doesn’t generate the electricity but is essential in this easy and fun idea. This is a fun DIY idea for kids and adults alike. You might want to have some small sticks and twigs, so you have something to start the fire with. You can also use some birch bark that you find in the forest to start the fire for this simple life hack and DIY idea.

To start this off-grid life hack, you will first need to soften up the lemon, then push the copper clips down onto one side of the lemon about 1/2 inch apart. Next, you will need to put the six zinc nails on the other side of the lemon making sure that the nails do not touch. Then with the wire, you will attach the first nail to the second copper clip until you get to the end. Then there will be one zinc nail left that you add some wire to; this will be the minus with the leftover copper clip connected to some wire being the plus. This will cause a reaction between the zinc nails and the copper clip that produces about five volts. With the steel wool, you will then add some tinder, in this case, toilet paper was used for the DIY idea, and the wires touch the steel wool causing a short circuit, and the steel wool becomes red hot.

This DIY idea is just one of the DIY ideas you can use lemons for. Lemons are a popular ingredient that you will find in kitchens all over the world. You probably already use lemons for recipes in the kitchen. Lemons are not only good for DIY ideas such as this fire starting trick, but they also have health benefits because they are alkaline forming, which helps your body balance its PH. So try out this fun DIY experiment and have some fun with this incredible citrus fruit to see if you can produce electricity from it.

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