Holiday Cottage - 5 Star Comfort in The Wilderness!

The Holiday Cottage is a premium range of top quality Camping Pods built by The VMS Timber Limited, which is the premier manufacturer of fully mobile Latvian designed and built Camping Pods. The Holiday Cottage camping cabin buildings are delivered to your building site fully assembled and ready for occupancy. These convenient and modern cabin buildings offer site owners and operators a simple way of adding a top quality, high earning accommodation to all types of building sites and holiday park and more. The cabin building pods are designed with a focus on both function and style.

The kitchen in the Holiday Cottage cabin building pod has a deluxe Thermowood kitchen set, a Hansa ceramic cooktop, fridge, and a stone mass sink. The bedroom in the cabin building pod has a wood bed with a storage box, mattress, and a corner desk. The bathroom in the Holiday Cottage cabin building pod has a flush toilet set, a Jika sink, a Thermowood shower, a Remer shower system with Rain Shower Head and an Ariston electric water heater. The Holiday Cottage cabin building has one triple glazed window in the kitchen, two triple glazed windows in the bedroom, and one double glazed window in the bathroom.

Pine is another wood used for log house designs and cabin building. Pine is not naturally resistant to rot or insects. Pine is a wood that requires kiln drying to kill insects in the wood, and preservative treatments to help prevent future rot and insect damage. Surface treatments for pine logs lose their protective abilities once the logs begin to crack and open up untreated areas. Large cracks in pine logs are common because of the higher moisture content.

Wood, when used as a building material, is the most environmentally-friendly raw building material that humans have at their disposal. For these reasons, an environmentally-conscious person should be choosing wood as a building material over other natural resources. With that said if you are choosing wood for you want to make sure that the wood you are getting comes from a sustainably managed forest. Tree harvesting is where the extraction process begins that later gives as things such as wood cabins, home designs, paper products, and furniture. However, there are also chemicals, clothing fiber, pharmaceuticals, carbon fiber, energy products, foods, and many other things that start with wood products. Even tall building designs are increasingly being built of wood.

ThermoWood is an environmentally sound alternative to using pressure-impregnated wood. This eco-friendly wood is an excellent choice for these cabin building pods because of its decay resistance, lower thermal conductivity compared with untreated wood and lower moisture content. ThermoWood is a dimensionally stable wood, durable and possesses good insulation for these modern wood cabin pods. The Holiday Cottage is 5-Star Comfort in the Wilderness. All of the small cottage homes are constructed in Latvia (Northern Europe) using sustainable Siberian Pine. This slow-grown pine wood has been treated in Finland with heat and steam to produce the ThermoWood. The workmanship, coupled with the highest quality of timber and building materials, ensures that these cabin building pods are built to last.​ The service life of up to 30 years

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