Historic 750k Pound Monument For Sale In Mirepoix, France

You'll want to take look at this stunning castle for sale one hour from Toulouse and Carcassonne. The castle sits on a beautiful property on 8 acres of land that overlooks Mirepoix with magnificent panoramic views of the Pyrenees. Formerly the castle of Mirepoix, the first mentions dating back to the Xth century, this place is steeped in history and has some vestiges such as the chapel, medieval glacis, ramparts, and especially an old medieval tower of defense of the castle of 160 square meters, that the can be easily converted into living, but also into an exhibition gallery/reception rooms/gite.

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This is a large mansion of 300 square meters with a swimming Pool on a park of about 8 hectares, undeniably giving it an exceptional and unique charm. The buildings are classified as Historical Monuments, thus enjoying the benefits of this classification. It is priced at 750 000 €, and it is possible to acquire the guest guardian house of 120 square meters for an additional 100 000 €. The castle site dates from the Xth Century with magnificent views on the Pyrenees Mountain. It sits in an elevated position with a swimming pool. The castle is surrounded by beautiful scenery with stunning views on the Pyrenees Mountain Chain and beautiful historical architectural features throughout. When you look at the castle it's like stepping back in time.

The name of Mirepoix has evolved over the centuries from the ancient language known there as Occitan, which showed it as mira peis, which meant a place where one can look at the fish. The original city of Mirepoix was built on the banks of the River Hers, where there were ample opportunities to look at the fish, admire them, and perhaps catch some for your dinner. The armorial bearings, which date from at least 1697, show a golden fish, probably a trout. The three golden stars would have had some significance, are now lost with time, but perhaps a reference to the consuls of the city. The people of Mirepoix were, and are known today, as Mirapiciens.

The modern-day city of Mirepoixwas newly constructed after a devastating flood occurred in 1289, when a natural dam broke, near Puivert, and swept away the old town. This region of France is known for its devastating floods, even to this day, caused by river surges. Over the centuries, several measures have been taken to minimize flood damage, but not always very effective. There is now no evidence of the old, swept away, Mirepoix from the 13th century, other than the castle on the hill and known today as the Chateau de Terride. The building materials of the time were wood, wattle, and daub, with some of the ground floor buildings used local cob stone and some dressed limestone, to show off a bit. Wood was of course chosen because of its easy availability and, therefore, its lower cost. Looking around today, the wood used in many of these buildings has stood the test of time. Mirepoix once had a stone-built perimeter wall, for protection against attack.

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