Here's The Most Favorite Holiday Log Home

Take a look inside this holiday home located in Gorski Kotar, Hlevci, Croatia. The beautifully finished log cabin has plenty of details to love with its hand-carved logs, stone details, covered patios, and outdoor hot tub. Inside the log cabin, you'll find log furniture, log beams, a stone fireplace, and an open floor plan to enjoy quality time with family and friends. The cabin has a full-size kitchen in a true cabin style with a stone kitchen island with log stools, a live edge dining table and kitchen countertops, and full-size appliances. Upstairs you'll find 2 bedrooms.

Gorski Kotar is known also as the green heart of Croatia, it’s home to some of the most beautiful nature in the country. The area is filled with beautiful forests, mountains, and fantastic wildlife, it’s part of Croatia still overlooked by many tourists. Gorski Kotar is located in the western part of Croatia, between Karlovac and Rijeka, and just next to the border with Slovenia. It’s very well connected with the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. You can reach it by car from there within less than two hours. However, if you prefer to travel slowly, you can take a ride on an old Lujzijana road. It was built between 1803 and 1808 during the French rule over Croatia. And it was named by Napoleon’s second wife, Marie Louise. The road is surrounded by some beautiful scenery. And besides enjoying nature, you can also spot some of the old 19th-century milestones along the way.

You can visit Gorski Kotar on a day or weekend trip from Istria or Kvarner. It could offer a gentle breeze of fresh air during the hot summer months. Driving Around Gorski Kotar, although roads in Gorski Kotar are generally in good condition, you should consider some things before your trip there. There could be a lot of snow during the winter months in Gorski Kotar, so be sure to have the winter tires and equipment with you. Although the main towns are connected by a highway, driving on smaller local roads will take you through some fantastic nature. However, you'll want to be prepared for the mountain roads, many curves, and some narrow passages. But often with no other traffic at all. Food in Gorski Kotar is unique and different from the rest of Croatia. Stew is a very popular dish there. And don’t be surprised to find some wild animals on the menu, such as bears, wild boars, or deer.

If you visit the towns of Lokve or Fuzine, a local delicacy, there are frog legs. Because of the mountains, it’s surrounded by, you’ll find a variety of freshwater fish, mushrooms, and forest fruit in the region. Speaking of forest fruit you'll want to be sure to try some blackberry strudel while in Gorski Kotar. The region is also well known for its honey production. The product you should try while there is medica, a honey liqueur. The best restaurants in Gorski Kotar are at the Hotel Bitoraj in Fuzine, Hotel Risnjak in Delnice, and the Bijela Ruza in Ravna Gora.

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