Have A Look Inside This 18 foot Tiny House In The Woods

You'll want to take a look inside this rustic, cedar cabin building located in the woods where it all started. The Wind River Bungalow is an 18-foot tiny house on wheels that was built by Travis Pyke, founder of Wind River Tiny Homes as his home back in 2014. The charming tiny house design has custom-built oak kitchen cabinets and storage, a concrete countertop with an integral sink, and cedar rain screen siding, for a tiny house that feels cozy and warm. This tiny house costs $60,000 as pictured. Wind River Tiny Homes can build a simpler tiny home in a similar aesthetic and size starting at around $48,000USD. You'll want to contact the tiny house builders if you'd love your very own version of The Wind River Bungalow.

Wind River Tiny Homes is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee but because their tiny houses are built on wheels, they are happy to deliver your new tiny home to you anywhere in the continental U.S. (If you live in a country touching the United States, they can deliver the tiny house to the nearest border). The tiny house builders work with a fully-insured specialist in tiny house shipping so your tiny house design will be in the best hands-on it's trip to you.

A tiny house on wheels offers you the mobility that a traditional sized home can not. Tiny houses on wheels afford this mobility without feeling like you are living in a tin can with paper-thin walls. Small house living can be a great path to owning your very own dwelling without having a life that is defined by a large mortgage you have to pay.

Some people wonder what the difference between tiny houses on wheels and RV's. RV's are a great option for what they are designed for and that is towability. The problem with living in an RV is that you essentially feel like you are living in an RV. Many RVs lack the aesthetic inspiration that you feel when you step into a tiny house design. At Wind River Tiny Homes, the tiny house builders feel that the spaces you spend time in matter. The builders focus on aesthetics, functionality, and quality so you feel more like you're living in a custom craftsman small cottage home or a rustic getaway instead of living and staying in a tin can. RVs are also not designed to meet the demands of full-time living, so they are often poorly insulated, thin-walled, and can be expensive to heat and cool.

Most tiny house dwellers choose to live in a semi-permanent location, with the option of moving their tiny house on wheels a few times a year. However, tiny houses on wheels can be quite towable and can be traveled in full time if they are designed properly with the suggested gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer, with lighter building materials. Wind River Tiny Homes take extra precautions to ensure your trailered tiny house design can withstand the use it's intended for.

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