Exceptional 2.49m Euro Fairytale Castle For Sale In Haute Alpes, France

You'll feel like your stepping into a fairytale in this stunning castle for sale in Haute Alpes, France. The exceptional castle is priced at €2.499m. The Fort Queyras first entered history in 1265 AD as a chateau attached to the Dauphin (first in line to the throne ). Since then it has been the focal point of many battles and power struggles and has seen countless renovations and improvements. The building itself sits on a rocky perch above the River Guil in a commanding position that was designed to protect the valley from marauders and invaders. The castle's imposing walls dominate the valley and command truly wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

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The Fort is a collection of buildings within the surrounding ramparts which are accessed via the main draw-bridge entrance. There is a cobbled lane that leads up to the main courtyard and lawn terrace where the owners have their private residence. This is a stand-alone 4 bedroom house which is completely independent of the rest of the chateau. It has a picket fence that surrounds the front garden and also has great views of the surrounding landscape. There are soldiers barracks, arms depots, storehouses, a bakery, a hospital, and even a chapel, all of which are open to the public from May to September thanks to the generosity of the current owner. It is also hosted at The Medieval Festival in mid-summer when locals and tourists alike dress up in period costumes and celebrate the castle’s glorious history.

The Fort saw major architectural improvements when Vauban came to the region in 1692, improving the defenses throughout the whole alpine range and making the fort even more impenetrable. These grand modifications of the castle were then to prove important as it became a garrison for the Chasseurs Alpine at the beginning of the second world war. Later, the Fort became a holiday camp for children in the 1950’s before returning to civilian life in 1967. This unique castle property is used as a family home, wedding venue, museum, and historic monument to be admired by the general public in the summer months. It is undoubtedly a fabulous retreat where you can close the main gates and enjoy yourself within the confines of its protecting ramparts and towers.

Fort Queyras is the center point of the quaint village of Ville Vieille which sits on the River Guil in the Queyras National Park. This region of the Southern Alps has stunning natural beauty along with fabulous history which is crowned by the Fort Queyras itself. The region is very popular with white water enthusiasts as the Guil is a very challenging 5 rated river when at full flow. This area is also famous amongst the road biking enthusiasts as it includes the famous Col d’Izouard made famous by the Tour de France. In the winter, the Queyras offers 4 separate ski domains with a total of 250 hectares of piste, all accessible on one pass. The area is also known for its microclimate which very often brings with it exceptional snow cover that neighboring ski domains miss out on.

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